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  1. Re: The Drafting League 'UCK YOU. SERIOUSLY. I pick Quagliarella.
  2. Re: The Drafting League Sweet! I got a whole new stack of friends. There's a lot of pluses on the homepage now. You're a popular kid?? You're a popular old guy at most' date=' judging by your team's fantastic average age. Sure you do! I was in Wales last... week.
  3. Re: The Drafting League Indeed? Seems like I haven't got any friends then. Got to change that. EDIT: The first friend request I got was from drseanfitzgerald. Urghh, not exactly the friend I had in mind.
  4. Re: Official Red Devils thread Lindegaard is playing well, eh?
  5. Re: The Drafting League Chygrynskiy! I don't suppose you'd like to be called "the forumer with a bald man in his avatar".
  6. Re: The Drafting League But I'm a ninja, I'm always in stealth mode.
  7. Re: The Drafting League I also didn't want Anelka or Totti. You see, 30+ aged strikers don't suit me. And I'm always open to switch Di Maria for Gomez if you want.
  8. Re: The Drafting League I didn't want Berbatov nor Di Natale. And to be fair I sent a shortlist with Mario Gomez as the first choice and Di Maria as the second, but a git chose Gomez ahead of me.
  9. Re: The Drafting League If anybody else complains about my attack or my defence I swear I'm picking Bramble and Heskey next.
  10. Re: The Drafting League Actually I think the idea is fantastic... I have some Portuguese targets in mind that would be lovely for the auto-pick pool. Anyway, great picks there with Diarra and Huntelaar. They were both on my list, but I went for Marchisio and Cassano instead. BTW, is it just coincidence that two of the CB's I picked were sent off tonight in the Champions League?
  11. Re: The Drafting League Geez, my team is so much better than all the others it's not even funny.
  12. Re: The Drafting League Marchisio. Oh yeah.
  13. Re: The Ultimate SM Championship Won against fellow Birmingham, which used a hard style of tackling and managed to injure yet another one of my CBs (same thing happened in the match against Fulham). I'll be honest, I don't know what has become of England down here in Div 5. At least both Everton and Sunderland are doing well in Div 4 and I'm 5 points clear in the first place in Div 5.
  14. Re: The Drafting League I suppose it's better to carry on then... Well, I must admit there are still a lot of players available. It would be wonderful if I could have 5 picks in a row. In the end I decided to select a combination of youth + high rating. Marko Marin! You might think it's a coup at this stage, but there are so many talents waiting to be picked that it's not even funny. Stuart is offline, so even if I picked sooner we'd still be in the same position. Unless he left a shortlist.
  15. Re: The Drafting League I just want to know what Kari meant and also what she thinks about pausing the draft for a few days to calm things down. I don't like feuds, specially if they end up with one or more members leaving.
  16. Re: The Drafting League I'm unsure what do you mean by this... I'll rather wait before making my pick. Don't be silly. You're keeping your team. Maybe the best solution would be giving the draft a rest for a couple of days. There's no need for drastic decisions.
  17. Re: The Drafting League I discussed this point with Kari. There's a big difference between having 22 rounds (=352 players) and 25 rounds (=400 players). It's all about giving value to the drafting process. You see, when we start making deals, we'll only have picks and players to deal with (money is obsolete). And the fewer rounds we have, the more valuable picks will be because the more players will remain undrafted. As for injuries ruining a 22-man squad... I don't agree. As long as you don't choose an XI full of 90+ sharks and a second team filled with ~80 rated youngsters it will be fin
  18. Re: The Drafting League I had sent a shortlist to Kari, is it my first or second pick? EDIT: Nevermind. I pick Cassano.
  19. Re: The Drafting League The duelist and the drifter? That's yesterday's news Doc.
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