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    born in houston,texas,,moved to lebanon when i was 5
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    frank lampard/john terry
  1. Re: Which defender? any other opinions?
  2. hey guys, i have the chance to buy one of the following players,which one should i buy? pepe - raul albio - garay ? thanks
  3. Re: Official Chelsea FC Thread brilliant performance from the lads:D terry and cech were immense in my opinion!
  4. Re: Vargas worth buying? yesmbut he will probably change to LM/LB meaning he wont play that well at LB
  5. Re: Official Chelsea FC Thread + bruma making his debut and stoch scoring for twente(and rose to 84,looks like a real talent:D)
  6. Re: Juan Manuel MATA for 25 million? he means keep him if u have him/buy him if you don't;)
  7. Re: Defoe Or Agbonlahour---Which One Will Ries i'd go with defoe as well
  8. Re: PORTUGAL – 1st and 2nd Division extensive thread - Disscusion Thread hey,what are the chances of veloso keeping his rating? i just want to make sure he won't drop..and will he stay a DM? thanks:)
  9. Re: Sam hutchinson(chelsea) thanks:) even if he doesn't play until the changes i think he deserves a +5 at least...
  10. Re: New tactics page i agree..why don't they put the fitness percentage under the player's shirt like before:confused:
  11. Re: Sam hutchinson(chelsea) he is on the bench in tonight's champions league game away to APOEL
  12. Re: decision on possible deal no man cahill is better than the other 2
  13. Re: sagna for boswinga?? do it mate both will keep there ratings,both are starters for there clubs and jose is already rated higher
  14. Re: Have today's fitness updates been made? (26/08/09) i noticed that too most of my players aren't fit for tonight's games:( i sent a ticket but as you said they don't tend to respond to them on weekends:mad:
  15. Re: Romanian ratings 09/10 by M.I.R. great thread mate:D i just can't seem to find RUS on the db:confused:?
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