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  1. Re: Which defender? any other opinions?
  2. hey guys, i have the chance to buy one of the following players,which one should i buy? pepe - raul albio - garay ? thanks
  3. Re: Official Chelsea FC Thread brilliant performance from the lads:D terry and cech were immense in my opinion!
  4. Re: Vargas worth buying? yesmbut he will probably change to LM/LB meaning he wont play that well at LB
  5. Re: Official Chelsea FC Thread + bruma making his debut and stoch scoring for twente(and rose to 84,looks like a real talent:D)
  6. Re: Juan Manuel MATA for 25 million? he means keep him if u have him/buy him if you don't;)
  7. Re: Defoe Or Agbonlahour---Which One Will Ries i'd go with defoe as well
  8. Re: PORTUGAL – 1st and 2nd Division extensive thread - Disscusion Thread hey,what are the chances of veloso keeping his rating? i just want to make sure he won't drop..and will he stay a DM? thanks:)
  9. Re: Sam hutchinson(chelsea) thanks:) even if he doesn't play until the changes i think he deserves a +5 at least...
  10. Re: New tactics page i agree..why don't they put the fitness percentage under the player's shirt like before:confused:
  11. Re: Sam hutchinson(chelsea) he is on the bench in tonight's champions league game away to APOEL
  12. Re: decision on possible deal no man cahill is better than the other 2
  13. Re: sagna for boswinga?? do it mate both will keep there ratings,both are starters for there clubs and jose is already rated higher
  14. Re: Have today's fitness updates been made? (26/08/09) i noticed that too most of my players aren't fit for tonight's games:( i sent a ticket but as you said they don't tend to respond to them on weekends:mad:
  15. Re: Romanian ratings 09/10 by M.I.R. great thread mate:D i just can't seem to find RUS on the db:confused:?
  16. Re: Sam hutchinson(chelsea) i searched and there was not other thread dedicated to him;) suprised he has never been mentioned:confused:
  17. SAM HUTCHINSON Sam Hutchinson is an english defender who has been at chelsea sonce the age of nine.Sam was the captain of the reserve's team,and made his debut for the first team on May 13, 2007 in a Premier League encounter with Everton.That summer,he was taken on the first team tour of the USA where former manager Jose Mourinho said that Sam would be a future regular in the first team. However,the following 2 seasons were spoilt by knee trouble that required surgery and expert consultation in the United States. This season however,the early signs are good,and new manager Carlo Ancelotti definitely seems to rate him:he was taken on the pre-season tour and played 45 min against seattle and started against club america.On 23 August 2009, Hutchinson made his second appearance in the Barclays Premier League as an 86th minute substitute against West London rivals Fulham.Tonight,he started againt QPR in the carling cup at center back alongside ivanovic and impressed. ON SM: age:20 rating:68 price:20k expected rating change: 68>75-78 (depending on how much he plays till the changes) at 20k he is definitely worth the gamble this is my first "scouting" so be kind:D
  18. Re: cambiasso/de rossi/diego alright thanks guys,diego it is:D
  19. Re: cambiasso/de rossi/diego so it's between diego and cambiasso..does anyone know if diego would perform well in central midfield of a 3-5-2 being a AM/CM?
  20. hey guys,i've got the chance to sign one of these 3 players for my leeds united,and since i don't watch lots of italian footie,i have no idea who to get.. diego might seem the obvious choice due to being younger,but i would prefer a CM instead of AM/CM (i play 3-5-2 and whoever i buy will be a starter in central midfield)..thanks
  21. Re: || The New Energy 106 ||<>|| Match Report & Transfer News Thread giovinco,hulk,pablo hernandes,ramires and malouda sign for sunderland im quite happy with that,as i didn't receive any competition to sign these players:)
  22. Re: || The New Energy 106 ||<>|| Match Report & Transfer News Thread richardson free to leave after his appointment,sunderland manager announced that he wouldn't be standing in the way of his current players who want out:"as i said,i need to sell before i can buy,so anyone is free to go,including richardson".
  23. Re: || The New Energy 106 ||<>|| Match Report & Transfer News Thread GEORGE GHORAYEB named as new sunderland manager on tuesday,sunderland appointed george ghorayeb as there new manager following the sacking of steve bruce following arguments with the chairman.. George ghorayeb is expected to sell around half of his squad to raise funds,and has already gotten a deal accepted to bring french midfielder florent malouda at the stadium of light
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