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  1. Re: Javier Pastore Hmm I have Kagawa. I think I will wait to see how Pastore develops then. Thank you
  2. Re: Javier Pastore Mata is also available, but I have limited funds, don't think I can sign both. So is it Pastore or Mata?
  3. Re: Javier Pastore So Pastore is worthy?
  4. Re: Javier Pastore Please help!
  5. I need an AM for my team. Can anyone suggest? Cheap and young preferably, not necessarily 90 or above just as long as has potential to rise. Pastore is available, but I do not follow french league. Worth buying? Thanks!
  6. Re: Eden Hazard deal Anymore comments?
  7. Re: Eden Hazard deal So it's Cavani + Nasri for Hazard. How is it? I think I am satisfied
  8. Re: Eden Hazard deal I tried to offer Robben. It was my first offer. He insists to have RvP instead. Why is Robben the worst anyway?
  9. Re: Give away Thiago Silva and Ronaldo to get Messi? Latest offer: David Silva and Thiago Silva for Messi. Is that a lot? Looks like that manager ain't stupid at all. Other players I have: Giorgio Chiellini Philip Lahm Yaya Toure Xabi Alonso Luka Modric Alex Song Mesut Ozil Cristiano Ronaldo Shinji Kagawa Silva Neymar Gonzalo Higuain Sergio Aguero
  10. I wanna get Hazard, and I have Robin van Persie. Direct exchange is proposed by the other manager. What should I do? Other strikers I have: Soldado Gomez Cavani Neymar Other wingers/midfield I have: Silva Nasri Ozil Iniesta Robben
  11. Re: Give away Thiago Silva and Ronaldo to get Messi? Will try to negotiate. I was quite desperate to solve my goal scoring problems. Thanks!
  12. Re: Give away Thiago Silva and Ronaldo to get Messi? Messi's stats for the game world: Season 7 Division 1 Game:30 (5) Goal:15 Assist:12 AvP:8.47 Season 6 Division 1 Game:27 (3) Goal:7 Assist:5 AvP:7.91 Season 5 Division 1 Game:32 (0) Goal:27 Assist:16 AvP:8.50 That's sensational. My Madrid is severely lack of firepower with no striker scored more than 10 goals in the league. Ronaldo's performance has been poor, so has Thiago Silva. Still not sure if to do it or not.
  13. Worth it? Other CB I have: Subotic, Ramos, Chiellini. Other winger/AM I have: Silva, Ozil, Kagawa
  14. Re: Buy Silva using my Sneijder and Varane? I have Modric too, which is very good at the moment. So the only way to avoid selling Sneijder is perhaps Song?
  15. Re: Buy Silva using my Sneijder and Varane? I think this is the best deal I can offer. I will try to offer some other midfielders though. Anyway, won't Sneijder drop?
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