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  1. Guys sorry for this cos its nothing to do with worldwide risers tho far more interesting than some of the boring posts of ppl asking for help,.......I am putting together a GW in 2018 and I want 100 managers that will agree to skype interviews and take part on a very social interactive GW.....I just put together a GW called NWO which is halfway to my vision.....we have a website for that which might give you some idea......www(dot)nwo-league(dot)cf......if you are interested message me,,,,or join a dead GW 363478 where you can find me and connect easily.
  2. great BART.......just to make clear......I want 100 managers that are happy to do one or two skype interviews throughout the season......I want this to be completely interactive
  3. Excellent, could you join the dead GW 363478 so we can connect. 3 other managers have responded to this and slowly we will get the numbers. I already have a strong group and I aim to find the best most active managers in soccer manager. Also if you know anybody like minded please share.
  4. HI guys My name is Rob and I have launched 3 successful custom GWs in 2017. Euro Underdogs, Second Rate and most recently New World Order (NWO)......NWO has a website www(dot)nwo-league(dot)cf......this will give you some idea what I am trying to achieve...... Having played the game for over a year I became disillusioned with cheats and multiple accounts so I started to create my own custom GWs. These are all full and have gone well but I'm still not happy. Now I can Say I have GWS full of honest managers, but I am looking for a complete interactive social community. N
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