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  1. Re: Gold Championship 48 - Match Report / Transfers Thread Juventus run the Italian league in GC48 and in real life! woo hoo
  2. Re: Gameworld news feed not updating I'm having the same issues also!
  3. Re: Rating changes I would like to add that Demba BA is one of the top scorers in the EPL, he has surprised everyone with some truly magnificent performances...IF he keeps it up don't be surprised for 90+ ! don't sell MODRIC..he's amazing! + Spurs will get champs league now.
  4. Re: Best Goalkeeping Prospect (84-85) Fraser Forster is one to watch. I had the pleasure of meeting Chris Houghton and Colin Colderwood when they were in charge of Newcastle, and they gave me a tip! The toon have the England goal keeping coach and mentioned that Fraser is a massive upcoming talent! ..currently on loan to Celtic, while on loan to Norwich he got the golden gloves that season.
  5. Re: Rising young goalkeepers!! Know any? I had the privilege to visit Newcastle FC as a VIP, while talking to Chris Hughton he mentioned that the next big English goalkeeper will be Fraser Forster! ...he had a great season on loan at Norwich.
  6. Re: Your biggest win in EC I seen a guy in EC1823 who got this result...he averaged over a shot on goal per minute!!! every single player got a 10 (except one guy who got a red card, he still got a 9)
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