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  1. Re: Player Concerns When it comes to loaned out players, the player concerns feature IMO is very unfair and silly, basically if you loan out a player who is say 84 rated and is well below other player's rating in his position at your club, to a club where he will be one of the highest rated players mid season, he will develop a concern immediately because as someone else said, the player concerns feature basically says it is round 20, this player is one of the highest rated players at this club, so he should have played somewhere between 10 and 15 matches, but because he has just been loaned
  2. Re: Player Concerns The percentage was more like 65% to 70%, but even this I think was overstated, as some of the guys said in their test setup, if you rotated your squad you would be ok.
  3. Re: Player Concerns Guys I don't think SM are trying to stop anybody having 2 good teams of players, your the first team may have to be a little better, as in real life, in SM to compete at the top level you will need 2 teams with a few extra players here and there, similar to the top clubs in real life, giving you a squad of no more then 25 to 30 players, which in my opinion SM is quite in favour of as long as you rotate your squad well and give all your best players most of the games, on the other hand I believe SM are trying to stop managers having these massive squads of players which jus
  4. Re: Reports Tab I must add to my last comment, that I too miss seeing my players rating messages on my overview page, SM should get rid of the International messages and bring back the rating messages.
  5. Re: Reports Tab To cut down on messages, you simply get rid of the International messages regarding your players, does anybody ever take any notice of them, I know I don't in my opinion they are a waste of time.
  6. Re: Player Concerns It is reasonably well covered by the online help section, try that and see if it helps.
  7. Re: Player Concerns I've got to say on the whole I love the player concerns, but i'm a little concerned regarding player recovery, especially from Wed to Sat when players have 1 less day to recover. Do you think it would be possible to make players recover a little quicker, I've always found that it is best to use say 2 LM or 2 RM and play 1 each game so there fitness is always close to 100% but this means each player gets 50% of games, meaning if they are the same rating and both the highest in their position they will both develop concerns as they aren't getting the 65 to 70% of games state
  8. Re: Player Concerns First of all concerns started et the same time in every non custom gameworld, it was just a myth that they would start at the beginning of a new season, they came into effect immediately. Custom league will start at the beginning of a new season if and only given the gameworld owner decides to activate them as I believe this is optional in custom gameworlds. As far as players still being concerned after starting 6 games in a row, this does not surprise me, I believe there is a need here for some tweaking of the system as after 6 games straight the player should loose his
  9. Re: Reports Tab It is a great addition, I love the way you can go into other clubs and have a look at their injuries, and player concerns, the transperency is great, all the information was still available before so managers can't say it is not fair, it's juat that before you had to go through each player's profile, it saves so much time if you want to find out info about other clubs and your own, much simpler, I would like it though as somebody else said, if from the overview page it was linked straight to the reports tab rather then the squad page, but still overall a great implementation,
  10. Re: New Game World Economies Explained Thank you Smartdoc for taking the time to read and reply to my post, apologies if I came accross a little strong when I said the explanation given was vague, didn't mean to be offensive in any way, it was just frustration at the lack of proper clarification from official sources, I just don't see why it has to be so complicated and explanations given so brief and vague, the help files do need to be corrected and a more comprehensive explanation has to be given as I'm sure there are a lot of managers out there that are as confused as I was. It was only th
  11. Re: New Game World Economies Explained Smartdoc i think you are 100% correct in your summation of medium sides getting the raw deal when it comes to attendances. After my last post i did go back to the help files just for a refreshment of what they said, in the last sentence it clearly states that real life figures are only used as a starting point in a gameworld, this should be amended as it is clearly incorrect and misleading, as you say and finally giving confirmation of, real life crowds are an ongoing reference point for SM, not only at the beginning of the gameworld, but every game, ev
  12. Re: New Game World Economies Explained I appreciate your explanation Smartdoc, although I must say it is still so vague and leaves a lot of unanswered questions, for example when you speak of league average, do you mean, real life figures for your league teams as an average or the average of stadium capacity for your league? So let's say it is based on the average for the league taken from real life averages for teams in your league, say the average is 40000, then let's take Napoli's real life average which according to soccerstats.com is currently at 44000 which is second in Italy only to I
  13. Re: New Game World Economies Explained Guys if you have an English club, you will always be getting close to capacity if you're doing well, because crowds in England have been so good for a number of years now, if you getting 600 from capacity, that's not so bad, but the inconsistencies are frustrating, lower in the table should translate to a significant drop in attendance. I wish I got so close to capacity, another example is my Espanyol side in GC26, last season came 5th, average attendance was about 21000 out of a 55000 seat capacity ground, this year 11 games in I am 5th again my latest
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