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  1. Re: Player Concerns When it comes to loaned out players, the player concerns feature IMO is very unfair and silly, basically if you loan out a player who is say 84 rated and is well below other player's rating in his position at your club, to a club where he will be one of the highest rated players mid season, he will develop a concern immediately because as someone else said, the player concerns feature basically says it is round 20, this player is one of the highest rated players at this club, so he should have played somewhere between 10 and 15 matches, but because he has just been loaned out of course and hasn't, he develops a concern, absolutely stupid. What this will do IMO is a number of things, it will hurt weaker clubs as managers will be more reluctant to loan out players mid seasons to a weaker club, as players will become concerned immediately, sad really because often this is when players are most needed by small clubs as injuries and suspensions may be hurting that club. In turn managers will be more likely to loan out players to stronger clubs who really want them as back up, as there they won't be the highest rated players so they won't get concerned, even if they only play the odd game, once again a blow to small clubs. In conclusion managers will need to be very careful who they loan to and probably only lend at the beginning of a season, unless it is a stonger club then it won't matter. Why not take a more common sense approach that actually evaluates a player's situation from the time he goes out on loan.
  2. Re: Player Concerns The percentage was more like 65% to 70%, but even this I think was overstated, as some of the guys said in their test setup, if you rotated your squad you would be ok.
  3. Re: Player Concerns Guys I don't think SM are trying to stop anybody having 2 good teams of players, your the first team may have to be a little better, as in real life, in SM to compete at the top level you will need 2 teams with a few extra players here and there, similar to the top clubs in real life, giving you a squad of no more then 25 to 30 players, which in my opinion SM is quite in favour of as long as you rotate your squad well and give all your best players most of the games, on the other hand I believe SM are trying to stop managers having these massive squads of players which just sit there in case they will rise in the future, not playing them, depriving other managers who may be struggling to get high rated players, the chance to pick up a star or 2, I believe they have a simple theory, especially with players in their prime(25-30), use them or loose them. I was a big supporter of a squad cap of about 50 players, 30 from the senior squad and 20 from the youth squad, this in my book would have meant a much simpler way to keep squad numbers down, but it seems the majority wanted something different, so here it is and I'm going to give it a chance because I think long term it will hopefully proove to be a success and achieve the goal of not necessarily reducing squad numbers if you have a good mix of talent, reserves and youth, but spreading the top players in the game a little better then they are at the moment. So in conclusion I will say this, player concerns is not about reducing squad numbers, but not allowing managers to hogg all the stars, so if you have a balanced squad you could probably still have a squad of 70 or 80 players as long as you achieved the right mix of stars, reserves and youth, having sorted that out now, can we fix the match engine and make it so we can view the games, PLEASE let's move on, this topic is getting repetitive.
  4. Re: Reports Tab I must add to my last comment, that I too miss seeing my players rating messages on my overview page, SM should get rid of the International messages and bring back the rating messages.
  5. Re: Reports Tab To cut down on messages, you simply get rid of the International messages regarding your players, does anybody ever take any notice of them, I know I don't in my opinion they are a waste of time.
  6. Re: Player Concerns It is reasonably well covered by the online help section, try that and see if it helps.
  7. Re: Player Concerns I've got to say on the whole I love the player concerns, but i'm a little concerned regarding player recovery, especially from Wed to Sat when players have 1 less day to recover. Do you think it would be possible to make players recover a little quicker, I've always found that it is best to use say 2 LM or 2 RM and play 1 each game so there fitness is always close to 100% but this means each player gets 50% of games, meaning if they are the same rating and both the highest in their position they will both develop concerns as they aren't getting the 65 to 70% of games stated by SM that the best players in your team should get. So my proposal is simple if players now recover at roughly 8% per day just raise it to 10%, because from Wed to Sat a lot of players are only back to low 90s, which most people may think is ok, but I personally believe it is a lot better to have them as close to 100% as possible, this is a very simple and common sense change meaning top players as in real life can play 2 games per week and be 100% fit, it will also mean you can keep playing your top team for the league and build some chemistry and have second tier players play more cup games, this would be a lot closer to real life. Please SM do consider speeding up recovery time, it really does make a lot of sense, it already happens with goal keepers and during World Cup tournaments it is just a matter of extending it to the league and cup formats, just a little tweak would make the game a lot more playable and it would work side by side with player concerns.
  8. Re: Player Concerns First of all concerns started et the same time in every non custom gameworld, it was just a myth that they would start at the beginning of a new season, they came into effect immediately. Custom league will start at the beginning of a new season if and only given the gameworld owner decides to activate them as I believe this is optional in custom gameworlds. As far as players still being concerned after starting 6 games in a row, this does not surprise me, I believe there is a need here for some tweaking of the system as after 6 games straight the player should loose his concern, unfortunately it goes on percentages, so even though this player may have started 6 in a row, he still has only played 6 out of the total possible games available to him to play in, which for him to get a concern must be at least 12 or more, so over time as the percentage of games he has featured in increases in mumber his concern should and hopefully will go away. I believe this example to be common as I myself have a player out on loan who raised a concern about his lack of games after playing 6 straight, he has now played 9 straight and he is still concerned, a bit odd really. The only explanation I can come up with is that because my player went out on loan about 10 games into the season, the concerns program must have a slight bug in it, it simply takes into account all games played by the club which the player is loaned to and says well he has only played 9 out of a possible 19, instead of the real scenario which is really 9 from 9, I could be wrong, I'm not sure. Anyway I'm sure over time inconsistencies and bugs will be ironed out.
  9. Re: Reports Tab It is a great addition, I love the way you can go into other clubs and have a look at their injuries, and player concerns, the transperency is great, all the information was still available before so managers can't say it is not fair, it's juat that before you had to go through each player's profile, it saves so much time if you want to find out info about other clubs and your own, much simpler, I would like it though as somebody else said, if from the overview page it was linked straight to the reports tab rather then the squad page, but still overall a great implementation, well done SM. Just while on the subject of transperency, I would go the other way with tactics, other managers should not be able to view your last fixture style and mentality, etc., they should only be able to see what is available in the match report at the moment, team line-ups and general formation and positions but not all the other attributes, imagine in real life if real managers had access to other managers styles, if you work it out so be it, it shouldn't be freely available.
  10. Re: New Game World Economies Explained Thank you Smartdoc for taking the time to read and reply to my post, apologies if I came accross a little strong when I said the explanation given was vague, didn't mean to be offensive in any way, it was just frustration at the lack of proper clarification from official sources, I just don't see why it has to be so complicated and explanations given so brief and vague, the help files do need to be corrected and a more comprehensive explanation has to be given as I'm sure there are a lot of managers out there that are as confused as I was. It was only through your kindness and patience that I am a little wiser, once again thank you.
  11. Re: New Game World Economies Explained Smartdoc i think you are 100% correct in your summation of medium sides getting the raw deal when it comes to attendances. After my last post i did go back to the help files just for a refreshment of what they said, in the last sentence it clearly states that real life figures are only used as a starting point in a gameworld, this should be amended as it is clearly incorrect and misleading, as you say and finally giving confirmation of, real life crowds are an ongoing reference point for SM, not only at the beginning of the gameworld, but every game, every season, so this must be stated and highlighted for everyone to see and understand as the next time anybody wants to take over a club they should not look at the stadium capacity but the real life average attendance of that club. At the sound of repeating myself, can you confirm how often these figures are updated, as clearly in GC57 they out of date, if I am to assume they are revised at the beginning of every season, the GC57 example would make more sense and I would expect a big drop in club's average attendance in the Italian first division, as the highest average is at 52000(Inter), nowhere near 70000(Current highest), next season which is just around the corner, but I may be incorrect and would gladly be corrected if you Smartdoc or somebody else could inform me otherwise.
  12. Re: New Game World Economies Explained I appreciate your explanation Smartdoc, although I must say it is still so vague and leaves a lot of unanswered questions, for example when you speak of league average, do you mean, real life figures for your league teams as an average or the average of stadium capacity for your league? So let's say it is based on the average for the league taken from real life averages for teams in your league, say the average is 40000, then let's take Napoli's real life average which according to soccerstats.com is currently at 44000 which is second in Italy only to Inter who has 52000 and is ahead of Milan which has 43000, from what your saying my maximum attendance should only be about 44000 because it is already above the league average, but if Napoli's average was say 60000 then it would be about 60000 in the game, is this a correct assumption as I'm only trying to understand and make sense of it all. Now assuming I am correct, how often does SM review real life averages? Because in my current season in GC57 which has it's last game tonight, I am second in the league while Milan is 3rd yet their season average is 70000 (way above real life of 43000) mine 49000, obviously the figures don't get reviewed very often because It's been a while since Milan had an average of 70000, do you see my point here, or is SM just categorising clubs to such an extent, that it deems Milan to be a big club so their average will automatically be close to capacity, which would make me sick at the thought and possibly consider quitting this game as it would mean a great injustice. Can you please confirm 1. That this is the way it works. 2. How often SM review real life averages and why we were told that real life averages are only taken into account at the beginning of game worlds, also if it is so reliant on the average of your real life club, I would have to say this to be the most senseless and pointless change ever made in this game, meaning no matter what level of success you reach in the game your attendance is capped by real life figures, imagine your team is in the semis of the Champions Cup at home as this is possibly the biggest game you play in the season at home assuming the final is on a neutral ground, you have a capacity of 78000 but you only get 57000 or 58000, is that stupid or is that stupid? Completely unfair and irrelevant as real life crowds are to our game. Scrap this as soon as possible if it so.
  13. Re: New Game World Economies Explained Guys if you have an English club, you will always be getting close to capacity if you're doing well, because crowds in England have been so good for a number of years now, if you getting 600 from capacity, that's not so bad, but the inconsistencies are frustrating, lower in the table should translate to a significant drop in attendance. I wish I got so close to capacity, another example is my Espanyol side in GC26, last season came 5th, average attendance was about 21000 out of a 55000 seat capacity ground, this year 11 games in I am 5th again my latest attendance was 26000, average capacity about 25000, so a slight increase on last season, but when you consider the inconsistencies of other club's attendances, like Real Betis who is sitting 16th, same capacity of 55000, yet their average is 38000, can someone please explain how that works, can the moderators please take some time to look into this and rectify the situation, as we are being told it is not based on real crowds after the beginning of the gameworld, yet I'm sorry guys but it looks like it really is.
  14. Re: New Game World Economies Explained Glad to hear i am not alone in my concerns, I just don't understand why we are told 1 thing, yet something completely different takes place, why the inconsistencies, I have emphasised before the need to reward good performance, why is it that you cannot reach your full crowd capacity even though you are at the top of the league with some clubs, yet others are reaching their full capacity or close to it, even though they are only in the top 4 or 6, highly unfair, I like the idea of stadium building in general, but what is the point of it if you're never going to fill it because your real life club obviously isn't going to have the capacity you have, so it is just a gimmick.
  15. Re: Player Concerns Just a curiosity, has anybody seen a concern go down yet, the feature has been running for a couple of months now, we hear of all these player concerns, assuming that nobody has actually reached level 2 yet, do we have any players that have lost their concerns, obviously this does not include wage disputes as those were fixed immediately. On another note, it is great to see the reports tab in the squad section, can we now fix the bug in the appearance tag and player stats and carrer in a player's profile as I've requested a few times now, players when coming back from their loan are still not showing their appearances anywhere, example is Ortigoza in Newcastle United from GC1 now 2 appearances, none on his record, moderators you said you would get the technical department to have a look at it, the ticket has been untouched for a week now, still no response, don't you guys want to fix the bugs?
  16. Re: New Game World Economies Explained The attendance figures have been a pet hate of mine for a while now, I keep getting told that averages will go up, as your team performance and placing on the ladder goes up, I have a couple of Napoli sides who are both second with 1 game to go in each league, and I can't get their crown above 57000 and 52000 (capacity 78000) respectively, while say Milan and Manchester United even though are both behind my teams, seem to average above 70000, this is clear it is being based on the real life crowd figures of these clubs, I have asked the moderators to have a look at it, but still no official clarification, exept for the official statements from the help files, I'm starting to believe not even the officials are clear on how it is being run, they say the real crowd averages are only taken as a base figure at the beginning of a game world, but this is clearly not the case, as figures are staying very close to real life figures the whole time, with slight variation for ingame performance. I'm very dissapointed about the whole thing really.
  17. Re: Player Concerns I'm sure these changes aren't aimed at squads like yours, if you rotate your squad well I think you should be ok.
  18. Re: Player Concerns I think a lot of people are missing some key points here: 1. This feature has been brought in and rightly so I might add to stop clubs from having 2 teams of 90+ players, it's just not fair on the rest of the gameworld and unrealistic, I mean which team in real life can afford to have 2 or more full teams of superstars, there are a handful, but eventually players as in the game now become unhappy and request transfers, plus let's face it most if not all big clubs in real life loose money which to me is a terrible way to run a business, but unfortunately the rich owners use these clubs as tax writeoffs. 2. This is an extremely simple game, I mean you can't even watch the game for crying out loud, now we are asking SM to make players think and act as individuals. 3. Let's focus on real problems and make real improvents, this is a great feature but it needs to be more visual and user friendly as Teb said, by real improvements, i mean let's bring in all these proposed new features, like watching the game and others, as I'm getting annoyed and frustrated with not being able to have a clue as to how my players are really playing and the stats section is so poor, you just don't know enough, you spend hours doing work on your team and then you don't even know how your team really plays. 4. This is an internet based game, designed and maintained in such a way to make you spend as much time on it as possible, just like Facebook and other siimilar sites. Just 2 more things, somebody mentioned and I've read this before, in regards to team chemistry, this baffles me, how on Earth can you have Player concerns and team chemistry in the 1 game, on 1 hand you are saying rotate your squad and on the other no, no, you need to play the same team so they will gel, bond or whatever and play better, which 1 is it? The other simple thing that needs to be brought in straight away or adjusted because it is kind of there already, is the form section, it needs to have gaps if players miss games so you know if you haven't played him for a few weeks, how do you know their true form if between each game they have 1 or more weeks off, the form may read 8-8-9-10-7, but how many weeks is that over? is it back to back games? This is a moan coming up by the way, it is so typical of this game in so many ways, it just keeps you guessing with no real or tangible answers, hence my point about it being designed to keep you on there as long as possible.
  19. Re: Player Concerns Thank you. That's good news, it is very important to see how many appearances players are making.
  20. Re: Player Concerns Originally posted by Ste Seriously do you honestly think I wouldn't have checked there. Can you please check for yourself Newcastle United GC1, Ulmer, Ortigoza and Donati, all had sub appearances on the 16th of Jan against Tottenham and they do not appear anywhere, Donati shows 2 appearances which were made before he went out on loan, this is a bug, which as stated before I have submitted a ticket which after 4 days is still not touched. Since players have come back from loans their appearances don't show up.
  21. Re: Player Concerns Guys has anybody had troubles with their stats section in the players's profile and the squad stats section. I have noticed player's appearances when they come back from a loan are not being counted, I have send a support ticket but it has been 4 days and nothing yet, this is a bug, how can a player who has been recalled because he is unhappy to be loaned out become happy if his appearances aren't being recorded. Can other people check their stats section for the same thing, just with players that have come back from a loan.
  22. Re: Player Concerns I'm not in second division, I said the second year not second division. If it's all based on the average of the league, why have these large stadiums if you will never fill them, anyway the facts speak for themselves, GC 57, Milan coming third behind Napoli who are second have an average of 70000 attendance as opposed to Napoli's 49000 even though Napoli is and has been secondabove them all season(capacity of 85000 and 78000 respectively), Inter have 42000 as an average even though they are last, yes 20th, yet they still have the third best average, how can that be? Check it out GC57 Ialian first division, if you have a look at soccerstats.com it will confirm Milan, Inter and then Napoli have the 3 best average attendances, so with Inter being last in the division yet having the 3rd best average, I'm sorry but it does look like it is still based on real life figures, if it wasn't Napoli's average should be at least the same as Milan and a lot higher then 49000, while Inter's should be a lot lower. John I would love an explanation as to how those crowd figures have come about please.
  23. Re: Player Concerns Thank you John for your reply, yes, I have read the online help and understand the points that are made, but it is simply not the case in the game, to give you an example, i have a team with a 78000 seat capacity which won the league in the first year and is second in the second with 2 games to go, yet I still get no more than about 50000, this is why I thought and still kind of do think that it is linked to real life attendances, my point being how and when will I fill my stadium if I can't do it by coming 1st and 2nd in successive years and reaching the quarters of the Champions Cup, I just don't get it, that is what I mean by the statement "reward success". If you like I can give at least 2 other more specific examples. Like my 55000 capacity team in it's third season which came fifth but got no more than about 27000.
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