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    Re: Player ratings!!!
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    Re: Player ratings!!!
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    Re: Brazilian Changes Review/Discussion
    Wasn't exactly Brazilian changes, but they got it right. I would've dropped him to 86, but 87 is fine.
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    ChrisJenkins got a reaction from fadedwolfz in Rate My Team Thread   
    Re: Rate My Team Thread
    Thanks I have 8 games left of the second season and am looking good for promotion to Division 2. Yeah hopefully I will be able to build a nice second XI and win my first cup.
    Have you got any other improvements you think I should make?
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    ChrisJenkins got a reaction from #rooneyisyummy# in Chairmen Investments.   
    Re: Chairmen Investments.
    I think that you mean that they are trying to increase the value of money in the game?
    Just trying to clear things up for the original poster
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    ChrisJenkins reacted to MarkSwift2 in "A particular Club Wanted" Thread   
    Re: "A particular club wanted" thread
    You should all know this anyway this is my trick im not repaeating it.
    Step 1 - Standard Setups are only created on the hour. There are 3 setupd created an hour, this is not every hour.
    Step 2 - Look at the total number of setups, see if it increases.
    Step 3 - Take English Championship for example, there are the last 5 game worlds e.g. 1000, 999, 998, 997, 996.
    Step 4 - In the brackets it may say (1001) When there isnt one. This meaning it is being created.
    Step 5 - Give it 2/3 minutes of refeshing and it shall eventually come up in the last 5 game worlds.
    Step 6 - Dive Dive Dive, it is hard at first but eventually you get good teams.
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