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  1. Hugo souza seems to have been dropped to the bench a couple of games ago and then he wasn't even benched a couple of nights ago 😔
  2. Anyone know of a cheap keeper who has potential to rise other then meslier? Thank you.
  3. Hi guys so I have created a game world with friends and we are yet to start the season... But people have bought players. We want to go to settings and change the economy, if we do that will it set squads back to default? Thank you
  4. What is the best keeper for around 2m mark that will hopefully rise please?
  5. Anyone think casemiro deserves to be 94?
  6. I think having predictions for all the top 5 league teams would be great but im really loving soccahappy predictions and his system of showing you percentage, he has done a good selection of teams throughout this thread
  7. Hi people, I keep forgetting but do players value go down on odd or even birthdays? Thanks
  8. Thanks again socca. Hope all is well after your hospital visit
  9. Will mane and sterling reach 95 this winter? Thanks
  10. I only have enough for 1 of them. Thanks, its more for profit after the next review. Neither will be 1st team
  11. Guendouzi or Mount? Can mount reach 88 this winter review? Thanks
  12. Im hoping @Soccahappy can do predictions like he did last time, and thats no offence to raul as his predictions were amazing and anyone else who chips in are a massive help. I am a leeds united fan (a friend made my username to tease me and i stuck with it) and i believe all the leeds players should be 90 odd rated other than bamford... so u can see why i like other peoples predictions as i am bias lol Anyway i really liked soccahappys predictions as they were detailed and a good read
  13. You have F Ballo Toure down as having only 695 mins but on whoscored it says he has 1145 mins. Do you use a different source?
  14. Who else is likely to go after on WC performances? Cheers
  15. Well now thats a good buy for arsenal lol
  16. percentage of dybala and higuain rising please? Or any other striker/AM with more chance of rising in the remaining teams from the top 5 leagues? Thank you
  17. I would still say De Gea is the best keeper in the world. I think Oblak plays behind a great defence, i aint saying Man UTD have a poor defence but i believe they certainly give De Gea more to do then Oblak has to do at A.Madrid
  18. Harsh lol Ban him for been harsh, just joking
  19. When it says you can only do 3 deals with a club per season, does that mean you can do 3 buying deals and 3 selling deals or 3 deals in total? I am asking because i have bought a player from a club and interested in another 2 players but i also want to sell the current player i have back to the club in a couiple of weeks when his transer ban is up. Thanks
  20. What are the chances of fabinho rising to 92 now with his move to Liverpool? Cheers
  21. How come people are thinking baileys value will go from 16m to 20m?
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