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  1. 1 hour ago, Kev said:

    The manager won't have had a say in it at all. It's all decided by computer. Once level 5 concerns come in, no manager has a say in it. So bidding higher makes no difference. The player will choose a club at random, rather than the highest bid. 

    Thank you Kev, as an administrator youd be best suited to clear it up. Can i ask further please, how can we have a manager removed from a league? I created the private league but i dont have the power to do so it seems, the list of accusations and bad blood is not nice and the accuser is out of order and brought this game into disrepute and seems hell bent on destroying the integrity that i i abide by. Ive had private messages from the accused who in all fairness has responded mostly diplomatically but he is being goaded on many posts calling him a cheat, accusing him of hacking the system?? no place for such childishness and blatant anger.


  2. Ok, in my private league team B we''ll call them put in the highest bid on a player from team A that had requested a transfer being level 5 concern. The bid was somehow rejected and the player sold to team C for a lower price. Both teams B and C are in the same division. How did this happen? I now have the manager of team B accusing the manager of team A of cheating, hacking the system somehow to prevent their player transfer to team B? Team B is adament they had no say in it, that it was the computer chairman that refused the offer? Has anyone else come across this before or is this some new feature of SM worlds?

  3. New custom Game World ID : 372356   just opened to any manager looking for a real fun challenge! 

    • 3 divisions each containing 16 select English and Scottish clubs.
    • Every club has the same initial 300M transfer budget to help prevent hoarding and give a fairer playing field to many.
    • No transfers from un-managed teams, but you can still buy from managed clubs and external clubs.
    • Individual cash transfers capped at 70M maximum value to help prevent Neymar-type crazyness! :eek:
    • 2 transfer windows (open until game wk10 and then again from wk 20 - wk25)
    • The bottom 2 managers from each league will lose their jobs end of that season (pressure is on) :(
    • We have 3 clubs relegated and 3 promoted (the 3rd promoted team will go up via playoffs)

    This 'Robstar's Challenge League is open to all managers, I will confirm your admittance and then you simply choose a team available and welcome to the challenge! ;) 

    Please spread the good word and let's fill those new custom league

    game world ID: 372356 vacancies!!

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