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  1. Hey guys I need help one more time with an advice! I ve got Arthur. I ve been offered Yerry Mina + Kessie and I d pay the 6 mil difference. Or from another manager Mariano Diaz + Plattenhardt and he d buy Vardy which I want to sell, and i cant for more than FW, for max cash. I can use all 4 players especially Plattenhardt. Which would you guys chose, or u d just keep Arthur?
  2. Hi guys! I need an advice for a deal I m offered. I can sell Cristante for Berardi + Sciglio. I can really use the defender for my start eleven as I have Partey in there. What you guys think?
  3. Thx! I was wondering about Thomas Foket.... dont see him in there... perhaps reaching 88 in Jupiter league is quite hard......
  4. Guys what about Belgium league? Was reviewed already? There is some prediction list?
  5. I hope what u said there will happ!!!! What about Youssouf Sabaly? He s got quite a good season......
  6. I got a FV deal for Aduriz instead!
  7. Hey guys! I wanna buy a CF and i need to chose between Chicharito and Bacca? similar transfer fees.... Is Chiharito gonna drop looking at West Ham's season?
  8. Any ideas on Sorensen, Halstenberg, Vogt?
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