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  1. Re: Forum Premier League '92 - Match/Transfer Reports I have re-joined as Oxford, not Sheffield United. Although, how often I'm on here could vary. Currently I am accepting anyone that applies, just to get as many people in as possible.
  2. Re: FIFA 10 Official Thread Finished season 2 with Huddersfield, Somehow I won the league cup! I beat Arsenal in the third round i think and had Preston in the Semis thrapped them 10-1 over all, then Chelsea in the final, and within 10 min they were 1-0 up cos I brought my keeper out too tackle Anelka who was through on goal but Anelka rounded him and scored, then two brilliant goals, free-kick narrow angle, curled it but it hit the wall, it came straight back out too Boyd who was the kick-taker, ran into the box, curled the ball round the keeper into the far corner, no chance 1-1! Then str
  3. Re: Football Manager 2010 On my Bishop Stortford game I were checking the leagues start of March first season and Portsmouth have been deducted 9 points, has this happend on anyone elses or does anyone know why or how they have been deducted points?
  4. Re: Football Manager 2010 Won the league with Bayern Munchen again. Now started an unemployed one, picked up Bishops Stortford in mid september, they were knocked out of the FA Cup and have really good depth. They were 21st in Blue Square South and I went unbeaten for my first 11 games, beat St. Albans 4-0 in FA Trophy 3rd Qually round and were 16th in the league, then lost 2-0 too Stafford Rangers and not won in 8 since then. So my form took a complete u-turn. In mid January now and 18th in the league.
  5. Re: Football Manager 2010 Rensing is a top quality keeper and rarley concedes. My defence is extremly strong and barley let any shots on goal. So why the **** am I loosing 6-1 too Chelsea! Its shocking, I dont blame my team I blame the game. Chelse have had baht 8 chances and they scored 6, most of them Rensing would have saved with ease if he were playing in the Bundesliga. Litterally ever shot is going past him. Its like he isnt there. Oh my one chance was my goal. Btw it was a fluke goal.
  6. Re: Football Manager 2010 Looks like I'm going too have too sell Franck Ribery. He want's too leave and have too brilliant loan offers from Liverpool and Barcelona. Just played Hoffenheim and 1-0 after 40min Rensing my goalkeeper gets injured. With no keeper on the bench. I go 5-3-2 with Danny Van Bueten in the goal and he concedes straight away then I go 2-1 up and change too a 5-4-1 formation. It works! Won the game 2-1. But thats 2 injuries he now has this season with no good back-up keeper. Just good young ones.
  7. Re: Official Gold Championships Discussions Thread Yeah and If you click the button Reserve Club then it comes up telling you that you have 15 minutes until too pay for them (well too have them in your basket) and then if you haven't bought them after that then your alreyt. How do I know this? I bought PSV in GC77. Not got a top team so I thought why not. And actually not regretting it at the moment
  8. Re: FIFA 10 Official Thread Been off this for a quite a while. Since Football Manager 2010 came out actually. I think you know why. Will probly go back on my Huddersfield again at some point though
  9. Re: Football Manager 2010 Wilshere. I know what you mean, but it doesnt really bother me and it doesnt look like it bothers many others. Also when other people post links they never seem too work on my comp so I then can't view them :/
  10. Re: Football Manager 2010 Well after an unbeaten start too the season (apart from the German Cup which I lost 1-0 Dresden ) Its been a brilliant start, middle of November 10 points clear at the top and from my last 2 UEFA Champ League games I need 1 point too qualify. Celtic and Sparta. Oh did I forget too mention the 2 keepers I registerd for the competetion are injured for 4 week min. (Missing both games) I registed Rensing as main keeper, I don't have back up just younsters, and were decidedin between 2 young keepers, forgetting the one I chose was extremly injury prone. Whoops. The on
  11. Re: Football Manager 2010 Don't really need to doo many summer signings with Bayern as I have quite a few good reserves that are now good enough for my first team in my opinion.
  12. Re: Football Manager 2010 http://community.sigames.com/showthread.php?t=158111 Its quiet simple too follow from there, but you may need too be signed up too the forum. Not hard just sign up then take what you want.
  13. Re: Football Manager 2010 Championies Championies O way O way O way Bayern 0 - 0 Koln Wolfsburg 4 - 0 Dortmund Won the league by 1 point!
  14. Re: Football Manager 2010 Just been knocked out of the Euro Cup by Shaktar, Bayern 1 - 3 Shaktar, then Shaktar 1 - 1 Bayern. They murded me in the first half and should have been 5/6 up then second half I had all the chances but nowt big. In the league game against Dortmund, 3-0 after 30min with Ollic hat-trick then yet again they murded me from then on they should have won about 7/8-3. Also Wolfsburg beat Hoffenheim 3-1, so last game of the season, I'm 3 points clear and 1 goal differance better. All I need is a draw, and well you know the rest. I'm at home too Koln, Wolfsburg at home too
  15. Re: Football Manager 2010 We are top of league say we are top league! Gladbach 0 - 3 Bayern! Now 3 points clear at the top, level on goal differance and played the same amount of games!
  16. Re: Football Manager 2010 Get in there you Beauties! 2minutes into the game, Toni collects the ball spins, shoots goal. Low into the bottom corner. 30min Pranjic gets ball on wing, he whips it in the box back post Toni heads home 2-0. Then after not listening too my tatics and leaving Dzeko all alone he collects a wonderful through ball through on goal he doesnt miss. 2-1 after half an hour. Start of the second half my captain and center back Daniel Van Buyten picks up his second yellow! I go defensive, then a beautiful over the top sees Mario Gomez storming down on goal. But a defender brin
  17. Re: Football Manager 2010 Injury crisis hits Bayern bad! Here is a little view of my recnet results: Bayern 2 - 1 Athletic Club - Euro Cup 2nd Knockout Rnd Leg 1 - Good Result Bayern 0 - 1 Bochum - Division 1 - Not good at all, fielded a strong side aswell Athletic Club 2 - 2 (AET) - Euro Cup 2nd Knockout Rnd Leg 2 - Good Result through too Quaters Freiburg 2 - 1 Bayern - Division 1 - Not good at all, moves me too 3rd in league Bayern 4 - 1 Hertha Berlin - Division 1 - Brilliant Result, still 3rd (3 points behind top with game in hand, worse goal differance) Lyon 1 - 3 Bayern - Euro Cu
  18. Re: Football Manager 2010 Just wondering people who play it via steam or installed it with steam. If you wan't either post it upon here or just PM your user name, I'm starting too get into steam and it'll just boost my friends up I only have 1 at the moment. So if you wan't too just either PM me or post your user name on here. And I do like the odd chat via steam
  19. Re: Football Manager 2010 Good point Sinny. Ant got 09 anyway. But I've already done it on 2010 came 5th with 65 points and a goal differance of +15
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