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  1. Thanks for your help Ma sei milanista?...io sono Juventino
  2. I used 541b and lost 3-1...thks anyway
  3. Je vais essayer 541b alors
  4. Mon adversaire est plus fort de moi
  5. What is the best formation against 4231 A
  6. het u still playing sm...hw to deafeat 4231pls

  7. What tactics you used when playing 451 a?...thanks for your advice anyway
  8. Any idea how to beat 4231?
  9. Ok..my big probs in against 4231,cause in my gw 8 managers on 10 is using it. If you come with any ideas how to deafeat this formation lemme know.Thanks
  10. 4-4-2 Attacking-Fast...tick counter Good luck
  11. Did the guy play 4231 or 433?..thank you
  12. I have a game versus a 4231 tonight and i will give your tactics a go....yesterday in a friendly i play against a 4231 team(91) and mine ave 88..i used 523 Hard-V-def-Long ball-slow-dbf-own area and also used offside trap-play maker and men behind ball,i was the away team and won (1-3)...Thks so much for your help mate,i will let you know how it goes.
  13. No worries bro....thks for your help
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