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  1. Hi guys,which formation i could use to get the best out of Mbappe?..which position is best for him,cf or wing? Thanks
  2. Hi guys which position suit Mbappe best on wings or cf?...and which formation is good to get the best out of him? Thanks
  3. thks mate,will give it a try
  4. Hi mate nice one....could you send a screenshot pls
  5. What is the best formation against 4-3-3 B is u the weaker side?
  6. Hi guys,which formation is best to play against strong unmanage team (92) rated Thanks
  7. Can anyone tell me a good formation that could beat the 4-3-3 A?
  8. I play Hard-Def-Dir Counter.T Marking...have very good result
  9. I have an important game on Thursday vs a very strong opponent 94 ave im 92.
  10. Guys and 523,what is a good counter?
  11. Bigjum71


    Hi guys anyone knows a good formation to face this tactic.(523)? Thanks
  12. Hi guys any good formation that could block 433B?...4231 sometimes work more times fail
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