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  1. What predictions are we thinking for Mitchel Bakker and Nuno Mendes in the upcoming reviews? Bakker looked pretty good against City on Wednesday, are people still thinking Mendes is better?
  2. What’s up with the random Ryan Gravenberch rise this morning? I literally sold him yesterday to buy Florian Wirtz...had to sell some other players too, could have done a straight swap🙄 Could have got another 2m for Gravenberch today! Why wasn’t he done when Ajax was a few weeks ago?!
  3. Do you think Moise Kean will get reviewed with Everton since he got nothing when PSG got reviewed? He is surely due a +1? He’s doing pretty well with PSG.
  4. Is it a good deal to swap my Jude Bellingham for Ansu Fati? I think it is but want some opinions!
  5. Any chance Rhian Brewster will get a rise? Bought him thinking he joined Sheffield United for big money and would be a good player for them? He really hasn’t done anything...might offload him for someone else that is due to rise...
  6. Is there any young CF out there that will increase from around 80/82 to 85? Budget is approx 3m. Thanks
  7. Think Curtis Jones could get to 85 next review? Or would another CM around the 2.5m be a better buy?
  8. Who is the better buy? Jude Bellingham or Ryan Gravenberch? Both are 4m and 82 rating atm but who has the better potential for a bigger rise quicker? Thanks
  9. What is happening with Militao and Jovic at Real Madrid? Are they worth keeping or should i cash in on them before their value drop? Both are not necessarily starters so could reinvest the money from them in more upcoming talent.
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