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  1. Please rank Chukwueze, Olmo, I. Sarr and Thuram ? If ranking isn't your preferred answer please name best two.
  2. It may change. They would have sold Odoi to Bayern if they cared about money.
  3. Maybe you're our lucky omen and should keep them in your Fpl team, that match had pure luck written all over it
  4. Hi, in your opinion what will be your Italian national team lineup ?
  5. Sadly the restructuring will never happen. Sarri will be sacked and we'll go back to what we know best. Chelsea only does well with short term pragmatic managers because those are the ones that will get results now. No one has the patience to restructure the club,
  6. Lol this debate has reached the forum too, never thought I would see it here
  7. He's been submitted, don't know why sm hasn't added him yet but they'll add him soon
  8. Will Navas drop to 91, I know he has been playing Real Madrid's champions league games but I'm still worried that he may drop
  9. If we were shocking, I wonder how united were today.
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