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  1. And again, I left a team some 3days ago. Is it possible to take it over again?
  2. What happens when a player retires? Do you lose his whole monetary value?
  3. I'm in now. #AundreRichards #Hartlepool
  4. Thanks a lot. I'll see how it qoes for the next few qames
  5. Hi there. (Don't even know how to address you😅)

    Could you help me with my tactics a bit?

  6. Thanks. I play a 4-3-3 formation and I can only play Torres or Bybala at times alongside Sterling. I can't get another winger. They don't sell players here, sadly.
  7. No, it's quite above average. Look...
  8. Hi there. I need some help. I have a pretty good team but keep losing to everyone. My GW is highly competitive but that doesn't mean I should lose every game. What can I do please?
  9. Hello there. I see how many messages are dropped here but no reply. I wish SM would do something about the game engine, it's ridiculous. I have a very good team with almost all the best players in each department, I'll say an average of 94 rated players and then I go into a game with really mediocre teams and I lose the game. Meanwhile, I have so much more possession and shots on target, but I still lose 1-2 to a team that only had two shots on target. This has caused me the trophy before and is about to happen again. If nothing is done about this soon I'm leaving SM. I'll really l
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