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  1. Considering no-one really knows what's going to happen with random risers, I think I'd buy any top prospects now rather than later.
  2. If your total squad/cash value is less than half of the average squad/ cash value of the division you are in, you'll get a cash boost up to that value. (i.e. half the average value)
  3. From what I can gather, top two teams have been promoted, so perhaps they're starting the ligue1 review.
  4. Soccer Manager Games @SoccerManager Replying to @SoccerManager This is now fixed, thanks for your patience. 24s Soccer Manager Games @SoccerManager Attention: We are working to resolve the server issues that are currently effecting Soccer Manager Worlds and SM19. We are sorry for any inconvenience this may have caused.
  5. Who's the better option please, Mattia Perin or Fernando Pacheco?
  6. As far as I can tell, no-one has posted about these two, I researched them myself, and they have been in game world for a while. I think I have satisfied the stringent guidelines for being allowed to post. So allow me to mention: Enock MWEPU - 78 - 600k, 20 yrs, Salzburg, 5 games, 345mins in Austrian Bundesliga Patson DAKA - 78 - 600k, 19 yrs, Salzburg, 4 games, 250mins in Austrian Bundesliga, 4games 97 mins CLQ. Both I think have potential to rise to 82/83 in next Austrian review if minutes continue. Good cheap purchase for small clubs. Future stars? Probably not, bu
  7. I'd guess at Romania, but I'm starting to think the Serbian review might actually take forever. Dennis Man good Romanian player to buy.
  8. Seems to be entirely random in the event of equal bids.
  9. Gotta be impressed by speed of Serbia review. 4 days on Partizan and still maybe not done.
  10. No idea mate, sorry. There haven't been many Partizan risers at all compared to other Serbian clubs, which seems unusual so I don't think we're done yet.
  11. Don't think it's quite done, just slowed down so much there's nothing today. Should still be some Partizan players to come.
  12. Thanks, I think I'll sell Bozok, forget about Dimata and buy someone else.
  13. Any idea who's got more potential for the long term out of Landry Dimata or Umut Bozok please?
  14. Kirill Kirilenko looks a great purchase for any low budget team .300K at the moment
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