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  1. Remove the INT from the squad page. Most of my players are on someone's shortlist and it's a distraction from more important alerts like NMF or UNH. It's just a minor thing but it's annoying.
  2. it seems that Sm are doing the bare minimum when it comes to SM worlds. Player ratings are being kept up to date but I’ve seen little in the way of game development and zero communication with the SM worlds community. The change log has not been updated since November 2016 which is alarming. I just want to know SM are committed to the game and not about to pull the plug. Because at the minute it seems like they are just waiting for us all to bugger off 😢
  3. Has SM left this game to die? I’ve been playing for 8 years and never have I known SM to be this quiet! No updates, No upcoming news, No communication about SM worlds at all to be honest! As a long serving and loyal gold manager I frankly find it really insulting and my patience is wearing thin. SM needs to shape up, stop banging on about SM18 and show the loyal SM world customers some respect, we made you after all!
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