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  1. So i recently joined a new team PSG WC 13551. I had a GK by the name of A. Areola. He showed up twice on my list with 2 transfer dates. I was able to sell the 1st one off but the 2nd is still on my team and i cant get rid of him. I'm still paying his salary even though he is on 2 different teams. Is this a bug, and if so, how do i get him off my team list? can anyone answer this for me please!
  2. What you need to realize is that players will get concerns based on real life scenarios. For example, if Ronaldo or Messi have reached 100% of games played, but a quarter or half of them coming off the bench, in real life that would never happen. This is because they are superstars, and if that were to happen then rest assure they would complain about it and possibly ask for a transfer. Same would go for any player who is rated 90+. An Ozil, Hazard, Iniesta, Busquets, etc would not want to start off the bench either. They would want to be in the starting 11 almost every game. Unless they are close to retiring, then i can see them getting concerns for lack of play. Also in reality, if any player is young (age 17-21) but rated 87-89 i can see them complaining about lack of games, because they would expect at least to be given a shot to play 5-10 games a season, and most clubs would do that to see what kind of talent they have that could potentially replace some of their players in the future. The only thing i can think of why the players gain concerns is if previous years they were not used as much, and you are making up for it this season, or a lot of games saw them coming off the bench. Players dont like that at all in real life so why on SM it should be tolerated? As for player concerns due to lack of salary, I think if a player is performing at a high level and is doing alot for your team, he should request a wage increase, but not where it will break the bank either. Also instead of the chairman making the decision for you, you should accept, or negotiate with the player yourself to come to an agreement. If no agreement is met either he should ask for a transfer, re-negotiate again, or start gaining concerns. The way I build all my teams that I manage is 15-16 players in my starting squad and 10-12 in my youth squad. This keeps morale at a high level and players rarely get concerns. Plus when it is time to trade someone i make sure i get something of equal value in return, whether it be another potential youth superstar, or another 90+ rated player who can fill the void till I find something better. Last season with my Chelsea, my record was 32-5-1. Got 101 points, 93 GF, 23 GA. All my players including my youth squad had 98-100% morale and they all hit their target games played. None developed concerns and two of my players won awards (Iniesta Golden Boot 21G 12A 7MOM, and Courtois for best Goalkeeper). You can have no concerns if you play your players the right way and have the right amount of people in your squad. Question for anyone who can help, how do i add images or screenshots of the league tables or team list?
  3. Re: Squad Sizes I laugh at this, because there is no way a manager who buys 30+ youth would have any knowledge on them unless they are already under contract from a big named team, or have been talked about for months as the next best thing. I don't believe one bit that a manager who goes ahead and gets 30 guys named X, Y, Z, with ratings from 70-85, which don't even play in the 3 biggest leagues is considered scouting. I can do that too by the click of a button. For example lets say a 17 yr old guy named Nazim Kadri rated 70 from the Iranian league became available. Who would know anything about said player? No body, so what research did that manager do? I say none! Now if lets say he was Egyptian, age 17, and named Nazim El Shaarawy, then maybe i can understand why that manager picked him up. Usually most family members follow in the footsteps of their older brother(s)/cousin(s) (like the Lukaku's, Boatengs, etc) and are good. To create a fair but reasonable transfer market, you need to add squad caps. That is the only way to allow any team a chance at picking up the players named X,Y,Z. A manager who jumps on a player(s) as soon as they are available, like I said before, is not actually scouting. Clicking a button is just way too easy now a days. I was guilty of that before, but it doesn't help. In the end it results in them keeping the players till they a decent rating (mostly 88-89), thus no young players are available for smaller teams to pick up. Then when the players are available, the prices are to high for smaller teams to buy them, thus keeping them in a bind of not able to even sell players they have, for fear of not being able to pick up anyone to fill the gaps in their lineups (at least anyone good that they can afford or any hot prospect).
  4. Re: Squad Sizes Shelbourne, you're just upset that they finally implemented squad caps, and you have to spend time getting rid of players. You're also upset that you actually have to spend time now researching players instead of clicking a button and putting a bid on every 20yr old or under player. Like I said before, a click of the button is not scouting, its just luck. And for you to tell me that is still scouting, its rubbish. For example a 17 yr old player who just got added to the transfer list from Iran, being picked up right away, how is that scouting? Everyone knows most people dont know much about 17 yr olds from Iran or any other small leagues like Japan, Korea, etc. Personally if you want fair transfer market, then you need to eliminate every youth player being picked up as soon as they are added to the transfer list, because this allows smaller teams to have a chance at a few players. Many leagues are saturated because 2-3 teams in every league have most of the youth and other teams cant get any unless they wait for a player hits at least 87-88 rating, which by then most are no longer youth. I used to be one of those who hoarded players, but when i realized how to properly scout, what i could do with 255 players I could still do with 50, plus make more money than i did before. I understand you are upset about the changes, but we warned you that they were coming. Not much of what you argued in the past were valid reason for the Dev's to agree with your side, so that is why changes were made. In the end we got to live with them, and move on. Oh by the way Slimey2k7 and King Leo, i agree with your synopsis a bit on why game worlds are empty. Its true that most people want to manage these elite teams, but for me the greatest challenge is taking the small teams and building them up. Sure it takes time, but if I got Chelsea or i got Leicester or even a team like TFC i would not care cause building a team is what i like most to do. In the end, like you said, i agree that GW are empty because more newer ones are created every day, and people like to hop; however, that does not justifying clearing out teams and stripping them of all their best players. If managers stopped doing that, new managers who joined the league would actually care to stay in my opinion.
  5. Re: Squad Sizes I am in the minority that agree with the Dev's about squad sizes, and I have been playing SM for a very long time, almost since year 1. This is my reasoning as to why squad sizes is necessary, and why I think there is such thing as "Youth Hogging". But before i go into that I'll give you a synopsis of how i build my teams with less players and how they are all successful. I currently control 3 EPL teams under my belt, and none of them have gone over a squad limit of 40-50 players at any given time (with a starting squad of no more than 25 players and youth of no more than 25 either.) This helps me not only manage finances but also help me to do great scouting for my team as well, because only the select few players who I know will rise can join my team. How do i do this? Well i set a squad cap of 1m in wages or less a turn, which in turn helps me make a profit on any home game i have by 200-300k. At the same time, i help me rotate players without getting concerns and at the same time allow me to play some youth players so i can see how they pan out with my formations. At the same time if any youth player 22 and over has not hit 89+ rating, they are sold to make room for a new player younger who can fill the void. In the end there is no need for me to make unnecessary purchases, or buy any youth player, just because they are available on the market. So here is why I agree.... The First thing I agree with the Dev's is that most managers with large squads only buy youth players, not because they actually took time to research and scout them, but because they are under the age of 21, and MAY, not WILL increase in rating. To say I buy 100 youth because i scouted them is ridiculous, cause everyone knows a click of the button is not scouting. Actually doing research is. Too many managers I've seen put bids in as soon as a player 20yrs and under is added to the system. That to me is not scouting, and prevents managers with a small squad/stadium who has very little money actually make a bid themselves. That to me I think is player hogging, because no effort or research is done to acquire such player. Second thing I agree with the Dev's on is that once a player hits age 22/23, you would have known by then how he is doing in real life. Thus making your decision much easier in letting him go or not. By age 22/23, if a player can't even be targeted by a big named team like Chelsea, Liverpool, Man United, Real Madrid, Barcelona, etc then he is not worth keeping, thus no need to hold onto him. And if you do, just reiterates why you are not doing any scouting at all, or have no clue as to how a player is really doing in real life. Lastly, the 100 player squad cap is not far fetched. Teams can still buy/sell players and scout properly. What you can do with a 200 player squad, you can still do with a 100 player squad, just the only difference is that you need to do more research before buying a player which makes you more of a well rounded manager and one who is more engaged on the transactions he/she makes rather than just clicking a button and hoping that someday the player will rise.
  6. Re: 2014 FIFA World Cup Predict - Prediction Thread Group A Brazil - Croatia 3-1 Mexico - Cameroon 2-2 Brazil - Mexico 3-1 (FGS - FRED) Cameroon - Croatia 2-2 Cameroon - Brazil 0-3 (ESB) Croatia - Mexico 3-1 Group B Spain - Netherlands 2-2 (FGS - Iniesta) Chile - Australia 3-1 Australia - Netherlands 0-3 Spain - Chile 3-1 Australia - Spain 0-3 (ESB) Netherlands - Chile 2-2 Group C Colombia - Greece 2-2 Ivory Coast - Japan 1-2 Colombia - Ivory Coast 3-2 Japan - Greece 2-2 (ESB) Japan - Colombia 3-2 Greece - Ivory Coast 2-1 (FGS -K. Papadopoulos) Group D Uruguay - Costa Rica 3-0 England - Italy 0-2 (FGS - Balotelli) Uruguay - England 2-2 Italy - Costa Rica 3-0 (ESB) Itay - Uruguay 2-1 Costa Rica - England 0-2 Group E Switzerland - Ecuador 2-2 France - Honduras 3-0 (ESB) Switzerland - France 2-2 Honduras - Ecuador 1-3 Honduras - Switzerland 2-3 Ecuador - France 1-3 (FGS - Rami) Group F Argentina - Bosnia-Herzegovina 2-2 Iran - Nigeria 1-2 Argentina - Iran 3-0 (ESB) Nigeria - Bosnia-Herzegovina 2-2 Nigeria - Argentina 0-2 (FGS - Messi) Bosnia-Herzegovina - Iran 3-1 Group G Germany - Portugal 2-2 Ghana - USA 3-1 (ESB) Germany - Ghana 2-2 (FGS K. Prince Boateng) USA - Portugal 2-2 USA - Germany 1-3 Portugal - Ghana 1-2 Group H Belgium - Algeria 3-1 Russia - South Korea 3-1 (ESB) Belgium - Russia 2-2 South Korea - Algeria 3-1 South Korea - Belgium 2-3 (FGS - Lukaku) Algeria - Russia 1-3 Champion: Argentina Runner-up: Italy Third Place: France Fourth Place: Germany Golden Boot winner: Balotelli Golden Ball winner: Pirlo Golden Glove winner: Buffon
  7. Re: Making easier to loan out players If you didnt hog so many youth players, then maybe you wouldn't have this problem in the first place. If you had lets say 50-75 youth, much less headache, and SM knows by not offering that tick box maybe it will prompt mangers to sell off players to reduce hassle every 3 months, and to stop teams from having 200+ players which is a good thing for everyone.
  8. Re: Reserve Team Leagues Wont happen, because not every manager and unmanaged team has enough players or WANTS enough players to have enough for another squad (especially youth squads). This would be a great implementation if unmanaged squads have enough money to be able to afford and maintain a second squad, plus getting all managers in the gameworld to buy into having another squad for their team. It would be very hard to do so, since most unmanaged squads are already stripped to the bone, and very rarely buy players. Plus alot of managers who manage underdog teams, can't afford to keep 2 squads on their roster without running into the red, unless they buy 100+ youth. I personally could be in fav of this if I wanted to get a 15 man youth squad as part of my team, but most of my youth are 89+ rating which i use for my main squad already. Plus any players that are older than 25, i usually sell off, unless they 95+ rating, so a reserve squad would not be needed for me anyways cause i usually only keep 30-35 players on my team. With that being said, I think SM already looked into this but never did anything about it because alot changes need to be made (unmanaged team buying more players, managers buying players, have value for cash now, etc) before this could be implemented, and with the way things are going would not happen any time soon!
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