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  1. So i recently joined a new team PSG WC 13551. I had a GK by the name of A. Areola. He showed up twice on my list with 2 transfer dates. I was able to sell the 1st one off but the 2nd is still on my team and i cant get rid of him. I'm still paying his salary even though he is on 2 different teams. Is this a bug, and if so, how do i get him off my team list? can anyone answer this for me please!
  2. What you need to realize is that players will get concerns based on real life scenarios. For example, if Ronaldo or Messi have reached 100% of games played, but a quarter or half of them coming off the bench, in real life that would never happen. This is because they are superstars, and if that were to happen then rest assure they would complain about it and possibly ask for a transfer. Same would go for any player who is rated 90+. An Ozil, Hazard, Iniesta, Busquets, etc would not want to start off the bench either. They would want to be in the starting 11 almost every game. Unless they are
  3. Re: Squad Sizes I laugh at this, because there is no way a manager who buys 30+ youth would have any knowledge on them unless they are already under contract from a big named team, or have been talked about for months as the next best thing. I don't believe one bit that a manager who goes ahead and gets 30 guys named X, Y, Z, with ratings from 70-85, which don't even play in the 3 biggest leagues is considered scouting. I can do that too by the click of a button. For example lets say a 17 yr old guy named Nazim Kadri rated 70 from the Iranian league became available. Who would know anything
  4. Re: Squad Sizes Shelbourne, you're just upset that they finally implemented squad caps, and you have to spend time getting rid of players. You're also upset that you actually have to spend time now researching players instead of clicking a button and putting a bid on every 20yr old or under player. Like I said before, a click of the button is not scouting, its just luck. And for you to tell me that is still scouting, its rubbish. For example a 17 yr old player who just got added to the transfer list from Iran, being picked up right away, how is that scouting? Everyone knows most people dont
  5. Re: Squad Sizes I am in the minority that agree with the Dev's about squad sizes, and I have been playing SM for a very long time, almost since year 1. This is my reasoning as to why squad sizes is necessary, and why I think there is such thing as "Youth Hogging". But before i go into that I'll give you a synopsis of how i build my teams with less players and how they are all successful. I currently control 3 EPL teams under my belt, and none of them have gone over a squad limit of 40-50 players at any given time (with a starting squad of no more than 25 players and youth of no more than 25
  6. Re: 2014 FIFA World Cup Predict - Prediction Thread Group A Brazil - Croatia 3-1 Mexico - Cameroon 2-2 Brazil - Mexico 3-1 (FGS - FRED) Cameroon - Croatia 2-2 Cameroon - Brazil 0-3 (ESB) Croatia - Mexico 3-1 Group B Spain - Netherlands 2-2 (FGS - Iniesta) Chile - Australia 3-1 Australia - Netherlands 0-3 Spain - Chile 3-1 Australia - Spain 0-3 (ESB) Netherlands - Chile 2-2 Group C Colombia - Greece 2-2 Ivory Coast - Japan 1-2 Colombia - Ivory Coast 3-2 Japan - Greece 2-2 (ESB) Japan - Colombia 3-2 Greece - Ivory Coast 2-1 (FGS -K. Papadopoulos) Group D Uruguay - Costa Ri
  7. Re: Awards in Player History I agree 100% with this. 3-4 seasons ago on my Chelsea team, I had Gomez. He scored in 36 matches 31 goals and had 15 assists. He was voted MVP for my team, won Golden boot by 11 goals (cause 2nd place had 20), and was voted man of the year. Now I won those, but no trophy kinda is pointless. Ontop of this, what I suggest is having under the history screen is most goals scored by a player in a single season (Outline player name, games played, and how many goals), most assists by a player in a single season (Outline Player name, games played, and how many assists)
  8. Re: Squad Sizes Well i guess 60% of the formuners agree that a squad cap is needed and your not one of them. What you fail to get is that sooner or later smaller teams will end up getting the Ozil's and Higuain's due to concerns anyways. By decreasing squad sizes, instead of managers waiting till lvl 5 concerns, they can get rid of some stars earlier which allows for smaller teams to have a chance at greatly improving their teams. I would rather have squad sizes decrease by 2/3 of what it is now than increasing salaries by 3x the amount (which the devs were also thinking of doing). Also b
  9. Re: Squad Sizes I'm not greedy it is hard as it is to get players right now. By reducing squad sizes, there are more free players to choose from. Instead of getting players in 3-5 years to hit 90+, I could now spend 2-3 years, but face tougher competition because other people can do the same. When you reduce squad sizes, players get dispersed, and more teams can pick them up instead of a handful. Thus making a team like Chelsea lose a guy like Ozil to the likes of a Leicester, which boosts Leicester up drastically. Thus making it tougher for me to compete against that team. I have already
  10. Re: Squad Sizes Everyone has a price, whether it be for cash or a P/E deal. It is just that some managers are stubborn enough to let concerns get to level 5, in order to make it easier for themselves to win the league over and over again. If squad caps were reduced, then maybe guys like Shels would be able to pick up those players he wanted because bigger teams could not keep all their players. Plus I dont think he is complaining about not getting players, I think he says reducing squad caps has no effect on game world competitive, and no effect on being able to find the risers, but I argu
  11. Re: Squad Sizes My point is that the big named players would have to be shipped out to other clubs, thus giving smaller clubs chances at picking up players such as Pique, Ozil, etc, because bigger clubs cant keep all of them. Then smaller clubs become more competitive, and game becomes more challenging to win but alot more fun to play. The Point is squad caps allow for allocation of players to many teams instead of a handful of teams. Instead of 3-5 teams owning 75% of the players on the database, now 15+ teams do.
  12. Re: Squad Sizes What your failing to see is not even teams like Chelsea can afford 30 players 90+ rating, 10 players 85-89 rating, and 10 players 77-84 rating. Why is that? Because wages will be too high and unless you already banked 300m+ you can't keep those players. Lets take this for example, min wages for a 90+ rated player is 35,000 a turn, min wages for someone 85-89 is like 15,000, and min wages for someone 77-84 is like 5,000. This is all based upon rough averages, which could be higher or lower by a couple thousand. So you have 30 players 90+, so 35,000 x 30 = 1,050,000 So you
  13. Re: Squad Sizes I guess you still mad bro! You don't listen to what other people have to say and seriously don't even read other people's post. You must be angry at the world because you are taking your frustrations out on a game and surely that is not healthy for you. As I stated before what most people can do with 255 players I can do with 35-50 players on my team. With that being said having 255 players is not necessary, and makes it quite frankly stupid to have. You posted above that very few managers quite frankly like worlds being competitive, but it was a few months back one of the
  14. Re: Squad Sizes Say whatever you want or call people whatever names you want, but in the end 255 players on 1 team is not necessary. What someone can do with 255 players, I can do the same with 100. Its all about proper scouting instead of picking up random players and hoping they hit big. Like I said before, 99% of all managers who have large squads did research on only 1% of the players they own. Therefore, saying you found x player does not make you a genius if they hit 90+ rating, just makes you lucky. The main problem with gameworlds is that they are not full. The reason why they are
  15. Re: Squad Sizes You mad Bro? Just cause some people share different opinions than you doesn't make it right for you to belittle them or tell them they are stupid. I have played SM since the day it came out and having this game become more realistic is the only way to go. This is more enjoyable when everything that happens within SM is reflective upon real lifel. I have been one of those managers who has experienced both sides of the argument, and have come to the realization that not only does 255 player squads not make sense, but its really unrealistic. Unless you can provide me with 1 cl
  16. Re: Squad Sizes Now last I heard that SM devs were going to speed up the process of rating increases from every 3-4 months to 1 month. If that is the case, I have a few solutions that could help solve player hoarding. My first suggestion would be that once a a player's rating increases, it should prompt the manager to offer an increase to the player's salary. Any player who's rating increases would demand a new wage contract. If wages are not dealt with, then managers would have to face concerns. At the same time, if a player' s rating decreases, a new contract can be issued to adjust his sa
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