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  1. I grabbed him in gold 1 as a free agent. buying any type of youth is really difficult in that world. I asked as I could grab a 85rtd average no one which would boost my squad hence asking
  2. I have 18 year old luan Candido of palmeiras. I have had a few offers for him already which makes me think he might be a good talent to keep. any help would be appreciated
  3. I agree. its a new gold set up and I have PSG. I have Neymar and Cavani still. Plus Di MARIA. It would be an awesome attack line.
  4. I've been offered mane and firmino for mbappe. should I do it?
  5. hi all I see its been several months since the Brazil review. Any tips for the next one? players to watch for or try to snap up. thanks all
  6. assuming pizzi has peaked at Benfica?
  7. hi all, I have Weston McKinnie and faitout Maouassa in my youth set up. Can you see these guys grabbing the minutes next season at there clubs? Are they worth holding onto?
  8. one other thing. jonny castro. see he is coming into his last year at C Vigo. worth buying?
  9. how would you rate roger guedes? I see he has 9 goals in 12 already this season in Brazil. Is he likely to get a big move do you think?
  10. would you swap tammy Abraham and konate for Vazquez of real madrid?
  11. i am looking to buy Mahrez. the other manager has asked for suso and Nuhu. should I go for it?
  12. i am looking to buy Mahrez. the other manager has asked for suso and Nuhu. should I go for it?
  13. I was wondering if Milner had a chance to rise? He has been pretty decent for Liverpool this season and given they are in the CL Final is there not a chance. Same for Lovren?
  14. quick one for you I have Suso in my team. Given the average season Milan are having can he really see 91 at the end of the season? its the difference of me cashing in on him or not
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