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  1. Reus is available in my game world, do you think he is safe at 93 or any chance of getting his 94 back on current form? Cheers
  2. Depends if it’s an old game world that club may have had a long term manager before and sold off a load of players when they left? Never heard of any cheats etc though.
  3. You have kind of answered your own question, 2016 second week of May, 2017 end of May. Assuming it is another couple of weeks after the previous years we are looking at early June maybe late May for France. Gives them time to actually review the championship. Either way wish it would hurry up 😬
  4. Same, has been like it for months accross my gameworld.
  5. Who do you think is more likely to rise, Mertens or Jorginho (Napoli)? Need as an investment but for my first team for now. Thanks
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