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  1. The thing is, just because two people are in the same GW, doesn't necessarily mean they're cheating. A friend and I are in GW 10000, and because of someone complaining because I rejected their cash deal for cash + players, and now I cannot buy/sell from/to him. Still waiting for this to be sorted out.
  2. Hi guys Bit frustrated here. I have a real life friend who is in a couple of game worlds with me. Some whiny little b*tch complained we made an unfair deal, and now I am unable to sell or buy any players to my real life friend, no matter what price. The whiny little b*tch has signed up with secondary accounts etc. in order to buy players from unmanaged clubs by having more of a chance and then sell on to himself, and seems to get away with it. How is best to complain to developers? Thanks
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