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  1. Pique+Asensio, no doubt for now, with Griezmann playing like this...
  2. Sinceramente acho que ele irá manter os 94... apesar de eu já te ter falado sobre ele e que ele possivelmente iria subir, se fores ver, eles baixaram-no pra 93 no final da época de 2015/2016, quando o Ibra ainda tava no PSG, e só subiram no final da época passada... poderiam subi-lo agora no final desta mas acho que iria parecer algo inconsistente porque provavelmente ele não irá manter este nível por muito tempo e acabaria por descer pouco depois... a não ser que o PSG chegue longe na Champions (provavelmente só se chegarem à final) e ele fizer grandes exibições até lá, ou se ele for o melhor
  3. Suárez without any doubt... Lewandowski is playing well but don't has the same skills than Suárez... but yeah, Lewandowski can get a 97, if he keep scoring like this...
  4. Close one, it's really your choice and what suits better your team...
  5. Vidal, Pjanic, Matic, Rakitic Coutinho, Barça confirmed Despite Aubameyang is going to China and Donnarumma is thinking like a "primadonna" at Milan, I have to go for them (45M+20M compared with just 40M), but De Gea is currently the best goalkeeper in the world IMO, so he has high probabilities of a rise or even a couple of rises... Duo De Vrij
  6. Acho que mantém os 95 qualquer que seja a classificação do Milan. Na minha opinião ainda é muito cedo para ele descer. Quanto à selecção Italiana não ir ao Mundial, acho que não irá influenciar na descida de qualquer jogador italiano. Desastres acontecem, há já uns 60 anos que eles não ficavam fora de um Mundial mas alguma vez tinha de ser. Infelizmente para alguns grandes jogadores que, provavelmente, já não irão participar em mais nenhuma grande competição como Buffon, Chiellini (talvez ainda não, embora no próximo Euro já tenha perto de 36), Barzagli, De Rossi...
  7. Yup, https://www.transfermarkt.pt/samuel-umtiti/verletzungen/spieler/126540 Espera-se que volte em Fevereiro, e sinceramente eu esperava que tivesse subido na ultima review mas é bem provavel que suba no final da época, caso mantenha as performances e os minutos de jogo...
  8. It depends on how far Man City can go on UCL in the next few years...
  9. Yeah, as a Benfica fan, i admit it. Ederson is not the best goalkeeper when it comes to shot stopping, although he has a great positioning, he rarely catchs a ball, usually he just deflects it, the majority of times outside the field, a bit like Keylor Navas does. Another weakness is his approaches to crosses and, of course, he is a little too much agressive when it comes to 1v1, relying too much on his capabilities and sometimes going too far ahead on the field, without success. Despite all this, he is a safe keeper, the majority of times, but with much better team stats than individual ones.
  10. That's sad Although he is one of the strikers who misses more big chances of goal, the truth is that he has been very important for the BVB and his departure without anyone at his level to replace him, will be yet one more factor for the decline of the club...
  11. Yeah, you are right, Ederson still has a lot of hard work to get at De Gea's level but the truth is that Ederson is getting along better than him for now, at least at a collective level, what is an important thing as a goalkeeper to become more confident in himself and as a consequence as a team too. And don't forget he's been at the club for only about half a year, so...
  12. It´s a bit hard to say but i have to go for Alex Sandro. First of all, i think that he has more chances to get 93 than Alba, because he is 2 years younger, and Alba kept his 92 for far too long now, without a great change in his performance, i think he can't do it. Second(biasing), i always liked Alex Sandro. As you might not know, i'm portuguese (Benfica fan btw, Porto's rival) but since the early days of him at Porto, with their great wingbacks (Danilo and Alex Sandro), i always prefered Alex Sandro over Danilo, even when the hype was all on Danilo, when he was linked with a Real M
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