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  1. How do people feel of Caligiuri (Schalke). Great season with good stats, I know he's old. Monolithic and Rahul didn't mention a rise, just sounding out last minute opinions from anyone?
  2. I don't see Henderson either jajaja. I've been watching a lot of Marc Batra recently and quite impressed. Any chance of a rise ?
  3. Is it safe to assume vertonghen is good to stay at 92 for the next year or so? He's had a good year hasnt he?
  4. I'm not asking for ratings. I know where to find those. Just wondering how people would rank these Aaron Martin (Caricol), Nico Elvedi, Timo Baumgartl, Niklas Stark.
  5. Thanks! Hypothetically if he does get legally done id assume the game will retire him or affect him negatively anyway?
  6. Is modric still a good buy at 22m. He should stay at 95 for a few more years yes even though he is 32 now?
  7. Pellegrini isn't in the predictions but could rise?
  8. I've seen a few bids for mls players recently. Could you please do updated review on these players or just say if they should have big rise and be good profit. Nick Lina Latif Blessing Jakob Nerwinski Kyle Fisher Jack Elliot Aaron Long Jose Artur Ben Sweat Diego Rossi Jefferson Savarino Brooks Lennon Matt Turner Crognale E. Boateng D. Badji T. Parker B. Vincent V. Cabrera S. Davis A. Elis M. El Munir If it's too much, I apologise and if you don't want to predict outside your first
  9. Still hold onto S. Nakajima after his rise today?
  10. I think the loans are fine. As the owner of the player you have the right to do what you want with the player, can always be nice and tell the smaller club what you plan to do(as in "in 1 month I'll recall him". That depends on the people being reasonable and not just recalling a player 10mins before kick off.
  11. Think that's what he was saying. If I'm right I think he'd prefer if it wasn't this way.
  12. Thanks everyone for their opinions. I've decided to go take Toby Alderweild. It'll be sad to see Coman go though. And I'll stick with Dybala for now
  13. I giess Haha yeah it's very competitive. 3 players available @92+ I'm so indecisive
  14. I have a defence of a young 91, two old 91s and 90 who should rise. Coman starts for me aswell. At first I thought it was a steal but no I'm thinking I'm better off leaving it
  15. @Monolithic Any opinion on swapping K. Coman to get Toby Alderwereild? Also Dybala or Kane?
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