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  1. Only three managers here but most of the top clubs are available. Save our beautiful game world! 😪
  2. The vast majority of them (about 50 or 60) all got accepted on the same day about a week ago. There's still a couple I'm waiting on and I suspect the edits I've made since will take another few months. And I've got some stadium/team edits pending from 2013 as well, one even got accepted but never came to fruition.
  3. Hi, there are some edits I made three months ago that are still in the 'voting' period - is this just bad luck? I know some edits in the past never got accepted (or even rejected) so I'm just a little concerned.
  4. Okay there are some edits I made over a month ago that are still in the 'voting' period. Is there anything I can do to speed the process up? (other that getting random other people to vote on my changes)
  5. If the player's a free agent it will always say they're playing for the last club they played for. I don't know whether this is deliberate or a bug though
  6. I've just come back to all of this from a year's break - back when I used Soccerwiki regularly I could suggest a change, and within 2/3 days a decision would have been made. I made an 'edit' on 1st December and it's still being voted on? Is this a regular thing now?
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