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  1. Episode 2 Ladies and Gentlemen, just a few day in to the new season, English Football has been fed with new Superstars. Starting the competition on the Transfer market was Manchester United's Bradley Draai who gained international attention by signing world star Cristiano Ronaldo back for the Red Devils. After years with Real Madrid, the ballon d'or winner re-joined United for 30,000,000 € plus both spanish players Ander Herrera and Juan Mata. Not Long after that, Manchester City announced another trade of their own with Real Madrid, which sends Ilkay Gündogan and some cash to Madrid for Croatian midfielder Luka Modric. Sky Blues' Leandro Rafti continued being aggressive in negotiations and managed to sign Centre Back Giorgio Chiellini from Juventus Turin, even being okay with getting rid of Claudio Bravo and Vincent Kompany for that. Alongside several smaller moves, Tottenham Hotspurs were responsible for the fourth big Transfer of the day: In Exchange with Jan Vertonghen they managed to sign the severely younger French Raphael Varane - again from Real Madrid, who seem to have found joy in negotiations with Premier League Clubs. Besides that, come Clubs found new Managers for the Season. Chelsea managed to sign Nick Ford, a Newcomer who is set to bring a new philisophy to the Blues. 23.12.2017, Week 1
  2. Chronicle Update Like several rumors predicted, Manchester City has signed Leandro Rafti as their new manager. The veteran from Argentina - having a strong reputation with multiple title victories in different countries - will take care of a stacked roster, with which he should be able to win the Premier League. Not less of importance, rival Manchester United chose South African Bradley Draai to lead them back to glory. Draai, known for being a long-time Red Devils fan, seems to use radical methods to achieve exactly that. It is rumored, that players like Romelu Lukaku or Nemanja Matic may be on the edge of being transfered away. Besides both Manchester teams, also FC Liverpool presented a new manager in hometown hero Jurgen Klopp. Very popular because of his former success with the club, Klopp will be trying to finally make the last step and win the league. While These three Clubs may have set the Course for a successful season, others like Chelsea or Arsenal still are keeping their eyes poen for new Managers.
  3. Episode 1 Ladies and Gentlemen, Welcome to the first ever episode of the Circuit Chronicles. Eventually, this broadcast will bring you the latest news considering league 376146 on a weekly basis. Who hit the transfer market and signed the next big superstar? Who got out of the top game victorious? What strategies does the refined low-budget club manager have to lead his team to glory? After Sub Marine, a former german amateur league coach, got awarded the spot as leading manager of the Tottenham Hotspur, Premier League owner's thought might have changed. In recent interviews, several owners claimed, that they consider signing no-name managers with great tactical education. Clubs like both Manchester United and City, Chelsea, Arsenal London, FC Liverpool or West Ham United are still looking for new managers to lead them into the new upcoming Season. "That was in the past, we're in the future now" - David Beckham He had the opportunity to talk to Sub Marine shortly after his signing at the White Hart Lane. In a short self-presentation he assumed that working with him would be an alteration for his team, but he is confident that his adjustment will expose the team's full potential. He also told us, that he is an advocate of youth Players, who are easier to teach new tactical maneuvers, as Long as they have experienced teammates to lead them - some of which he named in Jan Vertonghen and Toby Alderweireld. Latest rumors reported about a possible interest in selling Victor Wanyama and Mousa Dembelé, to which Marine denied to leave a comment. We are excited to see, who joins this new exciting trend and look forward to tell you in the second episode of the Circuit Chronicles, when we take a closer look on transfer strategies and present player material to crown an early league favorite. 20.12.2017, Week 1 [Off Topic: As i told, I am from Germany. I'm trying to keep this Thing interesting but if there are any language mistakes I apologize.
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