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    well im ten i play footy in Newprt Pagnell and in the cup
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    milton keynes
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    playing football and going on soccermanager
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    thierry henry
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    French Divison 1 with Lyon{47}
  1. Re: Signature Design Feedback Good Arshavin Cut out
  2. Re: Gold Championship 47 - Match Report/Transfers Congrats to all the People who won the Cup
  3. Re: Gold Championship 47 - Match Report/Transfers Lyon won the French League
  4. Re: Gold Championship 56 Match Reports/Transfer News Sevilla Transfer news Arthur Boruc for Palop and 4.5millon Palop saying goodbye to Sevilla 4.5millon would be like taking candy of of a Candy giver so easy for Sevilla to pay that Seville are improving there team after that shock defeat against Spanish Giants Barcelona.Thomas Blow said he is very happy with the players he has brought and going to get over the three week period but would just like to say good luck to Palop for his excellent service for Seville.
  5. Re: Gold Championship 56 Match Reports/Transfer News Seville Update Yesterday Thomas Blow took over Seville,Thomas Blow has already made a big impacted by selling Ascosta and Navarro.Thomas Blow was very happy with the signing of Zhirkov and will be key in the game against Barcelona.He also said that it is going to be a hard game for all of the team but just like my other teams i like to start of with 3 points. Manager Thomas Blow also got a Brazil offer so now he is Manager of Seville and Brazil. Will Zhirkov be the next bright star for Seville or will he be a crisis.
  6. Re: Gold Championship 56 Match Reports/Transfer News New Man at Sevilla Sevilla just moments ago named there new boss in Gold Championship 56 Thomas Blow.He said' my aim is to finish in the top 2 o qualify for the SMFA Champions Cup.
  7. Re: Signature Design Feedback Do you like my signature of nani now please comment
  8. Re: Help With Deal(s) Thread... hi every1 can u help me on this deal Do u think i should do Hugo Lloris(90-91-92){my player} for Arthur Boruc(91) and Scott McDonald(89) But i no 1 thing it will give ma team depth so ur decisions please
  9. Re: Signature Design Feedback can some1 copy some writing on here saying Inter and Argentina in small writing cause i cant
  10. Re: Gold Championship 47 - Match Report/Transfers lyon won 4-0 against Le Mans
  11. Re: Signature Design Feedback do u like MY sig
  12. Re: Signature Design Feedback m8 do u do sigs on gimp or photoshop
  13. Re: Gold Championship 47 - Match Report/Transfers Thomas Blow made Lyon Fans very happy Thomas Blow today made Lyon fans very happy by saying that hes staying for the next 2 seasons and that he promises them cup glory in them to years Lucky man;)
  14. Re: Signature Design Feedback m8 ask aaron he was there wen i made it
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