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    Re: Gold Championship 56 Match Reports/Transfer News

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    thomasblow reacted to Caleb in Gold Championship 56 Match Reports/Transfer News   
    Re: Gold Championship 56 Match Reports/Transfer News

    Club News
    Caleb reveals season targets for Celtic!

    Celtic Park. Home of Scottish giants Celtic.

    Scottish outfit Celtic have been set their season targets by new gaffer Caleb. Caleb, installed as the new manager of the Glasgow club just yesterday, revealed to the press his aim for the club this season.
    "Well, to be frank, I would expect us to finish in the top two for the Scottish Premier League. Anything less than that would be a disaster."
    "A decent cup run in both of the domestic cup is my expectations for the lads too. A semi-finals appearance would be good in my debut season in charge."
    "Now comes the tricky part. For our maiden Champions Cup journey, we are grouped with German champions Bayern Munich, Spanish heavyweights Atletico Madrid and Portuguese champions FC Porto. We are definitely tipped to be the wooden spoonist. A spirited showing from my boys are all that I ask from them." Caleb said.
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    Re: The Stockport County Country Challenge
    I'll take part mate Las America's please. Thanks
    Edit: Can i join an EC today? I dont know whether i'm here on saturday
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    Re: Gold Championship 54 Match Reports/Transfer News
    Luton Town Match report
    Luton Town have been doing really well in the league. The first match report is going to be against Port Vale.
    Luton Town Vs. Port Vale
    Luton had most of the possession at Kenilworth road as Referee Fariz Yusifov was watching them every move.The game started quickly and Port Vale couldn't keep up so Striker Louis Dodds kicked the ball away,the commentators said
    In the 26 minute came a goal from A Papazoglou scored with a amazing Diving header the commentators and the crowd were going mad and the commentators said
    The game got slow and started to get boring but Lutons defense made a costly error and Brammer scored to grabb something from this game.
    Final score 1-1 and a good start for both teams.

    PAPAZOGLOU the goalscorer of a outstanding diving header and MOTM

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    thomasblow got a reaction from Bowen in Gold Championship 47 - Match Report/Transfers   
    Re: Gold Championship 47 - Match Report/Transfers

    Vs. Lyon Vs. Marseille
    As Lyon and Marseille walked on the pitch the thing that would be stuck in there head was Lyon 1 Marseille 0 that was the final score at the Olympique de Marseille when these two meet on the 13 of December. Lyon was without there star Defender Clerc and Nasri,Clerc to suspension and Nasri to Injury.
    The game started well for both teams as they were getting into half - time. Both teams hit the woodwork 3times and both keepers had to make saves. Unfortunately for Lyon Per Mertasacker was given a yellow card for shouting abusive language.
    2minutes after Half - Time Robbie Keane chiped the keeper and the commentators said this
    Cicinho and Casquero got booked for a scrap on the pitch.In the 81minute Per Mertasacker brought down Kone whilst being the last man and got himself sent off the commentators said
    Full-Time and the score was 1-0 and a good win because 2nd place Paris Saint-Germain lost so Lyon go 4 points clear at the top.

    Robbie Keane goalscorer and MOTM with an outstanding game.

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    thomasblow reacted to Bowen in Gold Championship 47 - Match Report/Transfers   
    Re: Gold Championship 47 - Match Report/Transfers
    nice report, look abit like my layout
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    thomasblow reacted to eddie101 in Graphics Design Feedback   
    Re: Signature Design Feedback
    New ava,

    Also made 4 backgrounds (will post the other one later though) IMO the James Blake one is pretty bad:o , but I made it for someone to their exact specs and they love it...

    And finally a sig:

    Any opinions?
    Please feel free to use:) ,
    but if you do plz rep!
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    thomasblow reacted to Dan in Gold Championship 53/Match Reports/Transfers.   
    Re: Gold Championship 53/Match Reports/Transfers.

    'We Were Outplayed'
    'We were outplayed' said Daniel Bolam straight after the match , Histon were beaton tonight by Kidderminster Harriers and Daniel said ' I have a feeling that we are not going to win a lot this season with the players i am playing at the moment.
    So i promise the Fans we will have some stronger players by tommorow evening and ready for our sheild match against hull on Monday.
    Our players are to weak , our best original player is rated 70 , and we are in a league with 77 rated players , and 80-83 in some cases ' . But we are underdogs , so this the situation we have to put up with , and thats why i took this job , and didn't leave for torquay.

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    thomasblow reacted to Aza Bolam in Gold Championship 47 - Match Report/Transfers   
    Re: Gold Championship 47 - Match Report/Transfers

    Vs 3-0
    Aaron bolams side Beat Lyon 3-0 to go top of the French League. Before The start of the night Lyon sat top by 3 points but goals from
    Sealed the Victory For The Underdogs. Next game will See PSG at home taking on Nice

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    thomasblow reacted to To Ryaan® in Gold Championship 47 - Match Report/Transfers   
    Re: Gold Championship 47 - Match Report/Transfers

    Panathinaikos Last Night Appointed Ryan=] as their new manager. Ryan made a quote saying 'I am very happy that i took this job offer. And i will try and take this team forward to the SMFA Cup Final:p '. Gilberto has been named as The Teams new captain. AlexadrosTziolis is for sale.
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    thomasblow reacted to gadga in Gold Championship 47 - Match Report/Transfers   
    Re: Gold Championship 47 - Match Report/Transfers


    Gadga as managed to sign 3 new players, 2 strikers and a keeper.
    First to arrive was 33yr old keeper Steve Harper from newcastle, we are after a experienced keeper and we feel that steve wil do a great job for us,
    Next to arrive was 33yr old brazilian striker Jose Aloisio from Al Rayyan, also 27yr old korean striker Jae-Jin Cho from Jeonbuk Motors.

    87 rated steve harper arrives at the kc stadium

    88 rated jose aloisio arrives at the kc stadium may make his debut against man utd on saturday

    86 rated Jae-jin cho also arrives at the kc stadium
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    thomasblow reacted to Seftinho in International League!   
    Re: International League!
    The team with no players?
    Don't know if you're being serious or not, do you want to be Portugal?
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    thomasblow reacted to The Phenom in International League!   
    Re: International League!
    Lyon - France:D
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    thomasblow reacted to Bob Loblaw in Eto'o for Zlatan?   
    Re: Eto'o for Zlatan?
    You're getting a good deal with either striker but I'd hold on to Eto'o if I were you. First of all, I think Eto'o is more likely to rise. This is because he would simply be reclaiming a rating he already had but he lost largely due to injury. Secondly, La Liga is a better league so since the strikers are similarly accomplished, I'd side with the one who has proven himself against more trying opposition. Third of all, Barca are a better team than Inter. This has two sides to it though, positive and negative. Barca's superiority over not only Inter (in my opinion) but the rest of the teams in La Liga is conducive to success and excellent football. Barcelona have been utterly irrestibile and more importantly, convincing in their domination of the league this year whereas Inter have failed to do so. Despite holding a high position from the get go, they haven't matched the standard of Barca (although it is harder to do so due to the often dour nature of Serie A but the point remains valid). If anything, Juve look the best team in Serie A right now.
    It is important to remember that although both of these players are of prodigious and rare ability, they are also risks. Zlatan Ibrahimovic is famed for his ability to turn around a game, as one poster put here he is a 'magician' but often he turns a game around because Inter have struggled due to his anonymity in the play prior to his 'trick'. He is temperamental and sometimes seems not to fancy a game and has been a liability off the pitch too in the past (posing as a policeman in a red light district, disrupting dressing room harmony that sort of thing- what the Italians may call Cassanata). Eto'o has also been accused of such disruption, particularly last season. Constant rowing with Riijkard, refusing to come on as a sub; it was hard to tell at times how much of his injury problems were physical rather than mental.
    Another thing to consider is age. Eto'o is older and that is worrying as many of his gifts are manifested in the form of physical prowess, his speed being the main example. He relies on his physicality far more than Ibrahimovic does. Zlatan has such wonderful technique and the added bonus of height that he will remain a threat even when his pace has been forgotten as a relic of his youth. If Eto'o were to suffer more injury problems it could destroy his pace (a lá Michael Owen) but may not have the skill to adapt. I'm just trying to make sure I've got everything on the scales before I see which way they lean.
    Either way though, you're bound to be on to a winner. Stick with Eto'o, that's what I'd do.
    Bob Loblaw's Bonus Fact:
    The Bible, the world's best-selling book, is also the world's most shoplifted book.
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    thomasblow reacted to juve_fan in Eto'o for Zlatan?   
    Re: Eto'o for Zlatan?
    I would go for Zlatan personally. He maybe doesn't score as much as Eto'o, but I feel he will provide more goals for the rest of your team, as well as scoring for himself. Everytime I have had Zlatan, he has scored and assisted
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    thomasblow reacted to Mark ' Legend ' Wallis in Gold Championship 47 - Match Report/Transfers   
    Re: Gold Championship 47 - Match Report/Transfers

    Fabregas joins Inter...

    Fabregas joins Inter for a fee of 2 million , Cambiasso and Adriano . The deal also seees Inter player Jiminez join Arsenal on loan and Eduardo move to Inter on loan . Wallis was absolutely delighted with the signing of Cesc saying he is one of the worlds best miidfielders

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    thomasblow reacted to Bowen in Gold Championship 47 - Match Report/Transfers   
    Re: Gold Championship 47 - Match Report/Transfers
    Barcelona Beat Main Rivals

    Barcelona Went Into The Game With Real Madrid 4 Points Behind Them In 2nd. This Game Was Going To Be Important For Both Teams. Barcelona Started The Game Well And Scored Through Winger Govou. The Game Was A Close One And Real Attacked Barcelona Till The End But Couldnt ScoreAnd Barcelona Hanged On For The Win To Go 1 Point Behind Them. Manager BowenBoii Said This Is What I Wanted To Join Barcelona For These Games Are Amazing And Id Like To Say A Massive Well Done To My Players And I Hope We Can Win Many Things This Season. BowenBoii Has Now Found His First Team After Trying Things Out In The First Bit Of The Season
    First Team
    |Manuel Neuer|
    |Dani Alves| |Carles Puyol| |Rafeal Marquez| |Eric Abidal|
    |Hernández Xavi| |Gnégnéri Yaya Toure|
    |Franck Ribery| |Lionel Messi| |Sidney Govou|
    |Samuel Eto'o|

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    thomasblow got a reaction from Aza Bolam in Gold Championship 47 - Match Report/Transfers   
    Re: Gold Championship 47 - Match Report/Transfers

    Lyon Vs Grenoble

    Thomas Blow accepted his team to win this match cause they've been unstoppable the last 5 games winning all of them.But this is a match to remember as Lyon won 4-1 in a incredible match.Also not forgetting that him and his team have a SMFA Champions Cup Group tie to keep them in the tournament.
    Here are the players that scored

    Also Thomas Blow has a new signing that he will debut in that big match against Juventus
    Its Robbie Keane and there is also a player sadly leaving the club to go to Liverpool but im not telling who that is.

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    thomasblow reacted in Graphics Design Feedback   
    Re: Signature Design Feedback
    Reduce? The opacity is like 5% .......
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    thomasblow got a reaction from Aza Bolam in Gold Championship 44 Match Reports/Transfers   
    Re: Gold Championship 44 Match Reports/Transfers

    CSKA Moskva Update
    Recent Results
    CSKA Moskva Vs. Bayern Munchen
    Thomas blow took over CSKA and his first game was against His cousin Bayern Munchen manager Dan Bolam.(-)Daniel(-).He put a very strong side out in the friendly and it paid of after the final whistle the score was 5-0 to CSKA, Akinfeev kept his first Clean sheet under Thomas Blow.The Goal scorers were
    S.VÁGNER LOVE 25, 59, 68
    D.MBOKANI 43, 61.
    It was a great win Quoted Thomas Blow

    CSKA Moskva Vs. Rubin Kazan


    Thomas Blow was taking over his first league game against Rubin Kazan, CSKA had the advantege as they were at home. The final score was 4-1. Vagner love scored his second hat-trick in 2 games and GRIGORIEV scored to finish the game off.Thomas Blow Told Sky Sports that Vagner Love will not be going anywhere until the end of the season.

    Transfer Update

    The first thing Thomas Blow said when he took over CSKA was that he needs to strengthen his defense.Thomas has been trying very hard to bring in new defenders and has succeeded. The Players he has brought so far
    Juan Pablo SORIN £7.0M
    Iván CORDOBA £6.0M & Deividas SEMBERAS
    Cristian CHIVU £6.0M & Sergei IGNASHEVICH & Chidi ODIAH
    Micah RICHARDS £0k & Vasili BEREZUTSKY & Pavel MAMAEV
    Israel CASTRO £12.4M
    Dieumerci MBOKANI £13.0M

    Igor AKINFEEV £4.0M & Michael RENSING & Vinicius BRENO
    Alan DZAGOEV £0k & José SOSA

    Thomas Blow is Very happy with the signings and will continue strengthening the squad.

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    thomasblow got a reaction from Dan in Eto'o for Zlatan?   
    Re: Eto'o for Zlatan?
    Eto'o has
    Played 15 . Scored 15 . Assists 1
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    thomasblow reacted to Aza Bolam in Pride Of The Nations | New!   
    Re: Pride Of The Nations | New!
    are bayern munchen free . if so i would take them mate if its ok
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    thomasblow got a reaction from Aza Bolam in Kevin's Guide To Getting A Good Team!!   
    Lyon vs Liverpool
    Liverpool vs Lyon
    the liverpool line-up was
    Kick -Off
    1: A free header by Sidney GOVOU grazes the top of the bar
    4: A fingertip save by Jose REINA denies what would have been a lovely worked goal
    5: Kim KALLSTROM trys to chip the keeper, but hits it over the crossbar
    7: - After raising his arms John TERRY receives an instant caution
    9: - A mix up in the defence allows Ryan BABEL to poke home!
    12: Souza ROBINHO charges down the flank thanks to a delightful back heel
    18: Souza ROBINHO sets up R Keane, who fluffs it, and it goes well wide of the goal
    19: A lot of running and determination shown by Martin SKRTEL today!
    20: Sidney GOVOU beats the offside trap but a poor shot lets him down!
    26: Jose REINA dives to his right and clutches the ball to his chest
    28: A tame shot from distance is caught easily by Hugo LLORIS
    30: - Sidney GOVOU receives a yellow card after a rash tackle
    31: - José FERNANDO TORRES using his pace and power forces his way into the box and lashes home! He's in great form!
    36: Jose REINA rushes off his line to claim the ball
    39: A mix up in the defence allows Kim KALLSTROM to hammer his shot over
    Half Time
    49: GOAL!! - The ball comes crashing back off the bar and falls to Marques CRIS who taps in the easiest of chances!
    52: A vicious strike from 25 yards has Jose REINA scrambling across his net to the ball
    55: A clear crisp strike by Ryan BABEL hits the side netting!
    56: Jeremy TOULALAN looks up at the sky in disbelief as he fired his shot over the bar from six yards!
    57: After the keepers initial save Sidney GOVOU runs in for the rebound but agonisingly blasts it over!
    60: A free header by Chaves FRED hardly troubles the keeper
    63: Pernambucano JUNINHO carves through the defence with some quick give-and-go passes
    65: Hugo LLORIS is at hand to clear the danger
    82: BOOKED - Kader KEITA receives a yellow card after failing to move back ten yards for the free-kick
    88: The ball scrambles around the six yard box before Álvaro ARBELOA clears if to safety
    Full Time
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