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  1. Frenkie is still in Ajax.
  2. This forum is dead. And the soccermanager game dies slowly. I think they forgot De Jong wittingly.
  3. Thanks for answer. So, I can return him with the same measure, with same vulgar and rude talk and nothing will happen? I can not believe it is allowed. But I see, no one of Administrators and Moderators have to say anything. So they agree with vulgar speech. That's so sad.
  4. Hello to everyone. I want to report one manager for rude, agressive and vulgar talk against me on the News Feed. I make post on the News Feed about cheaters in Gameworld. He started with rude and vulgar talk against me. I answered him once, but he continued. He make post on the News Feed where he accused me of being me a cheater. He continued with rude, agressive and vulgar talk. In my post I about cheaters I did not mean about him, but it looks like he recognized himself. I'm 41 and playing this game from July 8, 2008 and and this is the first time I have this situation. I'
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