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  1. Yes he does in my opinion Could consider selling him if you need money
  2. Have to go with mbappe in my opinion mate. I know he is hyped but you have to agree his stats back the hype up. You have to consider that he may actually be that good and a player you simply cannot sell.
  3. Hmm very tight in my opinion. Toss a coin mate.
  4. If you're thinking long term I would take richarlison because he looks like a player with a lot of potential,not that gelson Martins is in any way a bad player though.
  5. De gea or donnarumma plus van dijk plus retsos
  6. I'd say donnarumma mate and then maybe after him but I also rate butland and arrizabalaga quite highly so it's really not clear cut in my opinion if he is definitely the best after all the players that you mentioned
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