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  1. Re: Is the Main Site Down? That means it went down at 9 PM Eastern US time.... It's still down and going on 7 hours. Hope nothing major happened... And all I wanted to do was check my scores and make sure my squads were set for the Cup/Shield matches tomorrow... Ugh! No such luck!
  2. Anybody know if/why the site is currently down and/or when it might be back up.... Haven't checked my scores from yesterday yet and was planning on taking care of it now. =( Anybody that can help, I appreciate it...
  3. Anybody know why the site is currently down and/or when it might be back up.... Haven't checked my scores from yesterday yet and was planning on taking care of it now. =( Anybody that can help, I appreciate it...
  4. Re: A Guide for Newcomers A Guide for New Comers (v.2) BUILDING YOUR SQUAD Attempting to build the "perfect" squad is as old as SM itself. No matter what improvements that the SM developers claim to make in regard to "Improved Match Day," "Improved Club AI," "Improved Player AI," etc. they are not really inventing anything new. But, because of the rapid devlopment in these improvements and the resulting increased interest of the those who are playing SM, there is an increased pressure put on managers to help our teams perform at a higher level, or at least at as high of a level that we were
  5. Re: A Guide for Newcomers I actually have just ventured back into the forum today b/c like everyone else, I can't log into my account b/c the "new" and "improved" server is down. I was actually surprised that my original guide is still alive and well... So, for everyone who is keeping the thread alive and was/is still posting questions, I wasn't trying to be ignorant in the fact that I was not answering your posts, I simply haven't ventured over here in a while. However, I see that some of the other managers have stepped up and are trying to help one other out and it seems like you've been
  6. Re: A Guide for Newcomers I actually have a very similar situation coming up with my Fiorentina squad against Liverpool this weekend' date=' only my avergae squad rating is 90 and Liverpool's is 91. [b']Anyway, I would play a 4-3-3 against them with the attacking ticks in place[/b]. As far as positioning goes, I'd play two of my DMs, one in the RM position and the other in the LM position. Then I would place Gerrard or Van der Vaart in the CM position and be sure to designate whichever one you play as your playmaker. On my squad I do this often b/c I have Christian Riveros (89 rated CM/
  7. Re: A Guide for Newcomers In case #1, I've been pretty successful using a possession system (either when home or away) against teams that are equal to mine. However, if you look at their average squad rating and you find that they are weak in a certain area, for example in the center midfield, then I would by all means try to exploit that and try an attacking system. In the second instance, a team that is only one average rating point better than your own is no great obstacle. They could have one player rated 91 or 92 and the rest average, but that will bump up their average squad rating.
  8. Re: A Guide for Newcomers Congrats on the big win... Thta's actually impressive too, because Roma and Schalke are actually about even teams -- I know because my Schalke team plays Roma on Saturday as well.... I just hope my result is as good as yours! As far as your questions go, this is just my opinion and how I have played the situations you've proposed A. When you outclass your opponent by 3 or 4 points, I have always gone with a playmakming system with 3 across the back line. I have had some really good results playing this way -- my "souped up" Independiente squad (Division 4 with
  9. Re: A Guide for Newcomers (Every Human Manager's Nightmare: The Unmanaged 4-4-2) EVERY MANAGER’S NIGHTMARE: THE UNMANAGED 4-4-2 Inevitably throughout the course of a season, every SM manager is going to have the dreaded (or welcome, depending on how you look at it) fixture against the unmanaged side that plays the basic 4-4-2 formation with the default settings. In this case, this is when you, the human manager, really have to do your homework. As I said in an early post, this is when looking at your upcoming opponent’s last fixture report and full match report is a necessity. This will g
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