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  1. If he wants to rebuild his career I’d suggest he starts by playing at a level that’s befitting of his ability. So...does anyone know of any under 5’s blind girls teams that could utilise Lingard?
  2. I’m genuinely not bothered by it, it’s ancient history. At the end of the day, Maradona put his hand up to help nudge the ball past Shilton. It was a game they’d have won anyway due to the ‘goal of the century’. People have no need to be upset by it; Maradona did what the Argies do best - put his hands up in the air, just like the Argentine soldiers did when they surrendered the Falklands just over 4 years earlier...
  3. Lautaro Martinez or Aguero? Suppose the question is - what is the ceiling for Martinez?
  4. Cheers matey! Hmm... need 2 risers out of these; Zaha, Chilwell, Felix, Neres, Oxlade-Chamberlain, Rice, Hakimi, Kessie. Hakimi and Oxlade-Chamberlain look my best bets!
  5. Do any of you know what the algorithm is that determines the ratings of players you can loan out? Last season, even at the stage of playoffs still to be played, I was able to loan out my 90 rated players. Now, before the new season has even started I can no longer loan out my 90 rated players!?! The only material change in that time is that I swapped Coman (91) for Neres (90) plus cash and today exchanged Maguire (91) for Chilwell although it was an issue prior to today!?! To give some perspective as it stands I have got; 4 x 95’s 2 x 94’s 6 x 93’s 4 x 92’s 1 x 91’s 8 x 90’s I know you can’t loan out your second best keeper but is it something like you cannot loan outfield players out unless they are lower rated than your 18th highest outfield player or something?
  6. Gnabry, all day long. 13 international goals in 13 games. The fastest ever German international to reach double figures for his country. The only other player that can match/exceed a 1:1 goal per game ratio who has played double figures is Gerd Müller. He was Bayern player of the year in 18/19, his numbers are better still this year. Now think, in 18/19 that Munich side had Neuer (95), Lewandowski (96), Müller (94), Alaba (93), Boateng (94), Kimmich (93 at the time? Got a 94 just after!) and he was selected as the best player above all of those. Then, as I say his contributions have increased further this season.
  7. He has a 1:1 stroke rate for Germany - 13 goals in 13 games. Robben got to 96, was often missing through injury (averaged 20 league games a year for Bayern). Gnabry has hit double figures in each of his 4 seasons in the Bundesliga. Robben didn’t manage that! Don’t get me wrong, I’m not saying he will hit 96 as statistically very few people ever do but with what he’s doing, who he plays his club and International football for, there would be worse bets to make...
  8. Ironically I used to have Gnabry in that Gameworld when I had Stoke City. I couldn’t believe it when someone offered me him in exchange for Juan Mata! I think Mata was a 92 at the time and Gnabry was a 90?
  9. I’ll hazard a guess that it’d be more than your chairman is then prepared to pay?
  10. Cheer’s lads for the Oblak/Werner/Laporte thing. it was just to judge consensus. I have Oblak (and Becker) in a competitive Gameworld. I bought Oblak for cash @ £55m a bit back when his club went unmanaged and I made a bid. I’d not realised I’d signed him and had totally forgotten I’d bidded on him until I got a notification due to someone commenting on the transfer. For some reason people people will not do any strong deals for him, I had one think that as I signed him for cash I should be prepared to sell him for cash and using him as a tool to get a strong change is immoral!?! He doesn’t seem to grasp that I’m not here to build his squad for him - the guy in question has Messi, De Bruyne, Salah, Mbappe etc so I don’t think I’m being unreasonable in wanting a strong outfield player in exchange. Ive set my sights a little lower now and have put an offer in for Werner as a straight swap for Oblak. I’ve not made an offer for Laporte. My I get many of the above points, I prefer Becker to Oblak TBH. The thing with Laporte is why doesn’t he play for France? Hard to justify a 93+ for someone that can not get in their national team...
  11. Given the choice from the following, what order would you opt for? Oblak, Werner, Laporte.
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