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  1. Here you go; https://www.tesco.com/groceries/en-GB/products/299918908 On special offer. 2 packs for £4. I’d suggest you stock up.
  2. I’m torn on this one. Given the opportunity to sign either Laporte or Giménez which would you opt for?
  3. Can’t believe Rahul doesn’t have Bale listed for a drop!?!
  4. Sterling went up 12 in a single review. He’s played for his National team. A BIG National Team (yes, I know they missed out on the last World Cup) so is 88 unreasonable? Not in my opinion it isn’t.
  5. What on Earth are you rambling on about? Real Madrid can’t win the Champions League, only Liverpool or Tottenham can. Everyone else has been eliminated. Likewise, Liverpool could still win the league. So, to summarise, you shouldn’t be going on about people having short term memory issues when your own ability to recall information exposes you for having the square root of naff all in terms of memory.
  6. Does anyone else think Aguero is in with a shot at a 96? it seems crazy that despite all the plaudits (some people claiming City are the ‘best team ever’) that nobody is rated above 95. There isn’t a single player rated above 95 in the Premier League even though people label it as the best league in the Workd!
  7. How dare they not roll over and give you their best players in exchange for pocket fluff and buttons. Disgraceful behaviour.
  8. Thanks for all the thoughts and opinions on the above, I opted to do both deals in the end. I gave Melo, Perisic and £4m for Pogba. I got Marquinhos and £30m for Sterling. In the end I figured that Melo and Perisic were loaned out anyway...
  9. No way would I give up Mbappe for Pogba, or anyone for that matter.
  10. Another one for you guys here that I’m in 2 minds over... Pulisic and Melo or Pogba? I have the duo. I’m leaning towards the latter.
  11. Marquinhos and cash or Sterling? I have Sterling. Genuinely in 2 minds...
  12. Does anyone else think that De Sciglio could finally get a 90 rating at the end of the season?
  13. As long as your username wasn’t chosen after a previous accident when you breached the paper barrier whilst wiping?
  14. What part of ‘club level’ did you fail to comprehend? Your ‘rise Pogba and drop Jose’ wasn’t funny first time around. Reposting it doesn’t change anything...
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