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  1. I wonder how long it’ll be before they add former TOWIE Mark Wright to the database? His shiny teeth and his Wife alone means he warrants a 91...
  2. Yes it’s a mistake. Not in the rating, but in the club he plays for. To be that crap he must be on the books at Oldham! 🤣
  3. I apologise that this post may be a bit off track/obscure but is Kyle Walker the biggest cockwomble in football? He’s breached Covid regulations numerous times and been found out repeatedly, he even tried to blame the press at one point? I suppose they got the prostitutes round to his house and forced him at gunpoint to keep breaking the rules? Ive never rated him. If I was Pep (whose Mother died due to Covid I believe?) I’d be drop kicking the tosspot. Is it just me? To keep taking the piss (no surprise he was one of the ones that tested positive at Christmas) when you know it’s
  4. Fernandez, yes. Rashford, no. EVERY season Vardy has out scored him.
  5. By over-performing, would that include losing to Leeds and Newcastle (both crap), only just edging out Fulham, Sheffield United and Arsenal by a solitary goal margin (who have all been crap) and drawing with Burnley (crap)? 🤯
  6. I think Mina will get a 90 but that’s not because they’re title contenders. 😂
  7. He’s under no obligation to negotiate. He has a player you want, why should he yield? I’m a firm believer that EVERYONE has their price but if people aren’t prepared to match what I value that player at then I keep them.
  8. Agreed. 1 point off top of the league, next round of the Champions League etc. Granted he’s got some immense talent at the team but Pep has spent about 30 trillion quid on defenders at City and they are in a worse state. He should get the boot. He’s always took the easy job. At least Mourinho takes the harder jobs.
  9. Call me a cynic but we both know they want minimum effort, maximum returns. They can’t be arsed to put the time in.
  10. Call me a cynic but we both know they want minimum effort, maximum returns.
  11. Call me a cynic but we both know they want minimum effort, maximum returns.
  12. Yeah. I can’t add an image but it says “The ‘report multiple accounts’ function will be turned off over the festive period, normal function will resume on the 2nd of January. We sincerely apologise for any inconvenience caused.” Knowing them they’ll probably leave it switched off as they do like to remove all means of reporting people.
  13. I see SM can’t be arsed again. They’ve turned off the facility to report multiple accounts over the festive period!?! Seriously! The cheating cockwombles in the game will think all their Christmas’ have come at once!?!
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