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  1. 6 hours ago, Kieran_S91 said:


    If Sheffield is mouldy bread and Barnsley is gone off milk I dread to think what describes Doncaster. Maybe a landfill sight 😂

    I must add though that I didn’t mean to offend anyone, the comment was a joke and I was more pointing out the fact that I would much rather live in Orlando 😊


    The worst place I’ve ever been on a night out.  

    Lincoln must be the lowest point below sea level in the UK as I’ve never seen so many fat swamp donkeys in my entire life.  Genuinely there wasn’t a single fit bird in any of the bars or clubs, it was like some surreal parallel universe filled with pig-scarers.

  2. 3 hours ago, Nameless said:

    Very poor from Kev. The man asked a serious question and you came up with the most unfunny joke. 

    A man of your responsibility in this forum should have known better.

    You should give a warning to yourself for very very bad joke. 

    The joke is so bad that instead of laughing people get angry.

    I honestly do not know what you’re talking about?  

    I’ve looked back a few pages and am still non the wiser.  

    If Kev has been ‘cleaning up’ after himself then that is piss poor moderation.  That’s my biggest issue with ‘moderators’ of forums, they don’t know the definition of the word moderation.  It’s normally about self preservation or gratification in my opinion.

    If however you’re making a mountain out of someone saying where they would have finished in a fantasy league (last relevant post I could find from Kev) then you need to take your head for a wobble.

    The above is to show balance.  The fact you referenced other people being angry makes my spider senses tingle and lean towards my first synopsis.  Every forum in the World has a few crap moderators.  There are 3 things you can be certain of in life - taxes, crap moderation on forums and death.  C’est la vie.  😂

  3. On 5/11/2021 at 11:29 PM, crvena_zvezda said:

    I emailed them with a report of cheating, I'm still waiting for a reply weeks later.

    Steven Paul on the Discord is a decent guy, I've tried going through him to get a reply to my email. It is slow progress, but I'm hopeful that I'll get somewhere.

    The cheaters know they can get away it, because SM couldn't care less about it.

    Sorry, who is Steven Paul?  Do you mean someone on here?

  4. 1 hour ago, crvena_zvezda said:

    It is infuriating the way cheating is dealt with! Lucky you to get the spare account removed, I haven't had success in my GW.

    Yeah.  The most infuriating thing is that they’ve shut down or ignore all forms of contact.  You cannot even DM them on Twitter.


    Certainly will not be renewing my membership when they treat customers with such contempt.  

  5. I swear the people that run this game are wet behind the ears?


    Reported a bent deal in a Gameworld and they rightfully banned the persons spare account but they leave the transfer in place!?!  Then raise another ticket, referencing the earlier ticket number and they close it down.


    It’s like smacking your head against a brick wall. 

  6. 18 hours ago, The Mad Hatter said:

    Here is the most famous starting XI list of 88's who you can ever own. And they a bargain! 😁

    Over the hill, but still rated 88. (I've shown their peak rating from years past.)

    Buffon  95


    Alonso 91

    Dante 93


    Cahill 91


    Mata 93


    Hamsik 93


    Dembele 91



    Fabregas 95


    Ribery 95


    Tevez 94


    Higuain 94


    Buffon peaked at 96!  

  7. 6 hours ago, Amar said:

    Guys given that the BVB have just the reached the DFB Pokal Cup Final can a top four finish and cup win get Sancho and Halaand a +1?

    Also should Bernardo Silva rise to 94? He's been ever present for Manchester City this season? 



    He’s not been ever present. No chance of a 94.

  8. Foden should already be a 90 in my eyes but I’ve said that previously.


    Just in the interests of discussion, I recently contacted a manager about Kimmich.  Now bear in mind I’ve won the league 6 years on the bounce so I’m not exactly short of talent; To let him go they wanted Mount, Rice and Foden.  I’ll not type my reply out on here...

  9. 1 hour ago, thorgan lesar said:A bit more respect please. Thank you.

    What are you on about with respect?  You earn it, you don’t demand it.


    I made a post that should’ve been on the ratings thread.  God knows how but it ended up on here, hence why I edited the post.  Calm down, just because I’ve never seen your thread before doesn’t mean you need to be so touchy and precious about it.

  10. 15 minutes ago, Nameless said:

    You are being very harsh and unreasonable. Having same name proves nothing. In real life people have same names. 

    SM needs tangible and concrete proof which can be visible by their dealings. Once you have that and notify SM they will act. Not always but I have had more success than not. 

    You have to understand SM do not login in every GW multiple times a day and knows ins and outs. It's easier for us players (managers) to see things instantly or quickly. SM depends on proof. 

    I don’t think they are being harsh or unreasonable.  If anything I would say you’re being naive.


    I’ve seen it where people have had the same username doing clearly bent deals and SM do NOT intervene.  That’s why I stopped paying, now I’m just a freeloader.  Funny that those cheating are always free accounts, eh?  If they won’t respond to a paying customer then I choose to vote with my wallet.


    I’ve also seen it where people in competitive Gameworlds are openly goading people on the forums that they have taken players from other teams in bent deals and that they run 3 teams in the same Gameworld.  Guess what SM do...sweat FA (not that does not stand for Football Association!).  

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