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  1. I apologise that this post may be a bit off track/obscure but is Kyle Walker the biggest cockwomble in football? He’s breached Covid regulations numerous times and been found out repeatedly, he even tried to blame the press at one point? I suppose they got the prostitutes round to his house and forced him at gunpoint to keep breaking the rules? Ive never rated him. If I was Pep (whose Mother died due to Covid I believe?) I’d be drop kicking the tosspot. Is it just me? To keep taking the piss (no surprise he was one of the ones that tested positive at Christmas) when you know it’s killed your boss’ Mother is nothing but selfish or lack of respect?
  2. Fernandez, yes. Rashford, no. EVERY season Vardy has out scored him.
  3. By over-performing, would that include losing to Leeds and Newcastle (both crap), only just edging out Fulham, Sheffield United and Arsenal by a solitary goal margin (who have all been crap) and drawing with Burnley (crap)? 🤯
  4. I think Mina will get a 90 but that’s not because they’re title contenders. 😂
  5. He’s under no obligation to negotiate. He has a player you want, why should he yield? I’m a firm believer that EVERYONE has their price but if people aren’t prepared to match what I value that player at then I keep them.
  6. Agreed. 1 point off top of the league, next round of the Champions League etc. Granted he’s got some immense talent at the team but Pep has spent about 30 trillion quid on defenders at City and they are in a worse state. He should get the boot. He’s always took the easy job. At least Mourinho takes the harder jobs.
  7. Call me a cynic but we both know they want minimum effort, maximum returns. They can’t be arsed to put the time in.
  8. Call me a cynic but we both know they want minimum effort, maximum returns.
  9. Call me a cynic but we both know they want minimum effort, maximum returns.
  10. Yeah. I can’t add an image but it says “The ‘report multiple accounts’ function will be turned off over the festive period, normal function will resume on the 2nd of January. We sincerely apologise for any inconvenience caused.” Knowing them they’ll probably leave it switched off as they do like to remove all means of reporting people.
  11. I see SM can’t be arsed again. They’ve turned off the facility to report multiple accounts over the festive period!?! Seriously! The cheating cockwombles in the game will think all their Christmas’ have come at once!?!
  12. Any cup games? If not, I’d get shot.
  13. Felix for sure. I’d swap for Diaz too. I’m sure Cameron Diaz is absolutely crap at football but I dare say she’d put more effort in than Pogba and isn’t a complete trumpet.
  14. The odds for Newcastle winning the Premier League this season are even longer than the odds for Oldham Athletic achieving the same feat...
  15. I think you summed up Newcastle perfectly. As you say, all the top teams failed to win. Newcastle won. Enough said! 🤣
  16. Very true on the highest rated player aspect. I’d assumed that didn’t apply as I’ve never seen someone lose someone of such high stature from their squad, albeit I’m sure it does happen? That’s where the games I referenced above come in to play. It could be a Charity shield game, 6 World Champ Cup games, 6 World Champ shield games but only 12 league matches, they’d hit the threshold needed.
  17. I tried to post in response to this without all the screenshots but it then wouldn’t let me add my own text. Id wager the SMFA would block it and you’d get a substantial amount of grief off people if it is as competitive as you say. 2 x 89’s, including one of the most prospective CB’s there is, for an 82 would need some money from your side as it’d be physically impossible for them even tender an offer to that extent.
  18. Yeah, I’d get him used in a part exchange before you lose him for cash only. National team games don’t count, or SMFA Champions Cup. The golden rule is that if it’s a match that loses fitness it counts towards the games required in a season.
  19. You’ll lose that player shortly. Gameweek would be how many league matches have been played. A 91 rated player will expect to play in 65% of games, so 24.7 matches in a 20 team league. Reviews typically take place around weeks 12/24 and 36. If you’ve got 6 games left you’ll have played 32 matches, so he probably went to stage 4 about 6 games ago? If you go on to your squad page, then reports it’ll show the date that they went up to that concern, I’ll hazard a guess it was about the start of November? The 9 games you mention, are they ALL league games that were played as a starter? Charity shield games, World Champ Cup and World Champ shield appearances also count, so check those too and let us know if that changes the outcome in anyway? EDIT: The caveat I would add, other than the potential from other cup/shield games is the slim chance of a glitch in the matrix. I have Oxlade-Chamberlain on a stage 4 from week 24, so I put him in every remaining game for the league and both cups (through to the finals in both) as a starter, always coming off at half time for a higher rated player. For some bizarre reason they never reviewed him again (he should have come down to a 3) at the next interval so I’ve had to play him the following season when I’d planned to loan him out!
  20. It very much depends. What rating are they? When did they get to stage 4? What game week is it now? How many games have they played thus far?
  21. New fixtures are normally announced 12 days after your last league game of the season.
  22. Not to that extent I haven’t but they lose 10% of value per stage of concern, so he’s obviously ended up stage 5 on one concern and stage 4 on another to lose 90% of his value. Ironically I lost Felix for about £9m recently after he got to stage 4 and a separate stage 3!
  23. Yes he did. He won it for Chelsea when he slipped on his arse!
  24. They do. See the last paragraph below. Lack of Games In a typical Game World, with 38 league games, a player evaluates their season at regular intervals. This usually occurs around Turns 12, 24 and 36. At each interval a player will have a 'target' number of games that they will have expected to play. Every game that a player could lose fitness in, counts towards their target. Within your squad each player's target is worked out below: Your 5 highest rated players and those rated 94 or higher expect to play in approximately 80% of the number of Turns; Players rated 92 or higher expect to play in approximately 75% of the number of Turns; Players that would expect to be in your first choice line-up and those rated 90 or higher will expect to play in approximately 65% of the number of Turns; Players that would expect to be a substitute if you selected your first choice line-up and those rated 89 or higher will expect to play in approximately 30-40% of the number of Turns. The rest of the players within your squad will only expect to play a few (if any) of the number of Turns. Goalkeepers are worked out slightly differently, with your highest rated and those 88 or higher expecting to play in approximately 90% of the number of Turns. Please note that with regards to substitutions, if a player comes on as a substitute then it will count as half an appearance irrespective of what minute they entered the match. For example, in a league with 38 games (38 Turns) a 94 rated or higher player expects to play in 31 games were they lose fitness. This could be 25 league starts, 8 substitute appearances and 2 cup games. Alternatively 31 league starts (missing 1 in every 6 league games) and no cup games.
  25. Not true. He can bring one on as a sub at half time then switch which player starts each game. That would mean each would be classed as 75% off league games alone. (28.5 matches) Chuck in a few cup games and you’re there. (30.4 matches to reach 80%). I’ve been doing that with my teams for a number of seasons and not had any concerns in that time.
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