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  1. I’d snap their hand off. Actually, I’d snap their hand off so fast that I’d probably rip their arm out of its socket...
  2. I’m an Oldham Athletic fan. Calling them a football team is pushing the limits of credibility.
  3. Best day EVER. Firstly the turdbags get battered, then the light-fingered criminals get stuffed big time by Villa! The best bit is that they’d been all over the BBC have your say section giving it ‘billy big spuds’ so they ended up with egg ALL OVER THEIR FACE! Fantastic.
  4. Great to see the turdbags getting battered by Spurs. bet Mourinho is laughing his plums off! LMFAO.
  5. Just as when you put a sportsperson in a political environment they’re crap too as they don’t have the mental capacity, education or depth of knowledge required to look at anything from more than one angle. There is no such thing as true poverty in the UK. The only exception to that is if someone is homeless in which case the safety net for a child is social services, just as it is if the child is being neglected in a household environment. The political ‘measure’ of poverty is not having what the average person has. By definition if you start giving everything to those at the bottom, you don’t resolve political poverty, all you do is average out and cause more people to be viewed as ‘political poverty’. That’s not progress. People need to stop thinking that the World owes them something - it doesn’t. If they want to improve their lot in life they need to get off their arse and stop their thoughts of self-entitlement. It’s pretty simple really. I’ve spent time in the field in the past (I’m a financial fraud analyst for an energy company) and I can assure you, every single warrant I’ve ever attended has been people not allocating funds to priority bills. Priority bills are housing, council tax, fines, energy bills, child maintenance etc. It is not for big TV’s, iPhones, fags, beer, drugs and tattoos.
  6. First to drop should be Rashford or Arthur. I genuinely cannot stand Rashford. So over-rated. He should keep his nose (it’s even bigger than mine and I’ve got a nose like a Donkeys cock!) out of politics. I’m sure he’d not like it if we start putting politicians on a football pitch? There is no genuine reason for child poverty in this country unless their parents are negligent. That’s what the welfare state is for. The welfare state that has had above inflation rises for about 7 years if my memory serves me right? Should it pay to not work? No. It shouldn’t. Rashford - Know your place sunshine. You kick a football about, that’s it. Credit where it’s due, I’ve never heard any bad off-field press about him.
  7. LOL @ Josip Maria Bartomeu supposedly asking Messi to take a pay cut? I know what my answer would be ‘You want to hold me to specific wording in the contract? Two way street pal, now f*%@ off!’
  8. No chance. That’d mean there are only 17 players rated higher than him and give him parity with the likes of Sterling, Kimmich and Varane.
  9. Yes. No. 88 all day long. People don’t realise he’s turned out for them over 70 times and has scored 15 times. 90 in the first review of the new season.
  10. ...is a phrase you never want to hear your bird say...
  11. Here’s one for you all... Do you remember the Chapecoense crash? I had to take my car in for it’s first MOT that day (purely to keep the ‘stamps’ alive as I could do it myself - my side arm is building race engines). I was sat in Weaterspoons having a full breakfast and coffee when it broke. I literally myself as my old man was the senior manager for the 146 but had been retired for over 10 years at the time (no statute of limitation). I phoned him and he was a bit panicked. He’d already had a stroke by this point. I did some digging off flight records. It wasn’t a 146 as BBC initially reported, it was an RJ. It was me that informed the BBC of that (I’ll have to see if I still have the emails?) The problem with that is that I knew I built the nose on that plane. My arse was twitching for ages. Pilot error. Thank .
  12. One has to give the guy HUGE credit, what he brought to that Town is beyond measurable. Is he a particularly great manager? Not for me, no. He was the right place at the right time, much as Joe Royal was for my beloved Oldham Athletic. So many similarities between the 2 - both took them from lower leagues (Howes achievements are greater, especially in this financial day and age) but both were pretty crap with signings when given money to spend. Yes, Howe made some good signings but many poor ones, I don’t think you could ever proclaim that he genuinely had a nose for a good buy at that level, not like he picked up any ‘bargains’. He seems a genuinely nice guy but nice guys don’t win anything. There is an article on BBC currently that I’d largely agree with, even though it’s written by McNumpty who is the worst football journalist there is... https://www.bbc.co.uk/sport/football/53628740
  13. Well, anyone that plays for City is a moron by default... LOL
  14. Probably not the smartest thing to do. Many years ago I went in for a harsh 2-footer on my best mate, I mistimed it badly and you heard an audible tear noise. I was saying ‘I’m so sorry, so sorry’ etc (I’m utterly crap outfield, my mate played for a Sunday league team at the time). It’s only when I went to get up that it became clear that the tearing noise was myself, I’d royally bollocksed my ankle ligaments for the first time in my life. Like a knob I decided to carry on playing as best as I could (which as already explained - wasn’t very good without injury), I then went Karting (won as always) and then out on the piss. I was constantly on my feet for about 10 hours. When I got home and sat on the end of my bed for 10 minutes I then couldn’t put any weight on that foot. For at least 10 years after I could tweak it with ease, even just crossing the road and a car comes a bit quicker than expected so you break in to a brief jog - tweak, ankle ligaments buggered again. LOL
  15. Is Everton Felipe worth signing? He’s on my watchlist for some reason and I’ve just been offered him for cash value in a competitive Gameworld. I assume he’s been linked to someone half decent at some stage for him to have made my watchlist!?!
  16. I’d go for the duo with maximum cash.
  17. You’ve got a nerve saying you’ve got no idea what I’m on based on my Phil Foden comments when you’ve suggested that Agüero should get a -2!?! LMFAO. Put down the crack pipe lad...
  18. I’d expected you’d say about his sub appearances but 5 goals in 892 minutes is still the equivalent of a goal every 2 full games, a striker would be doing well with that record let alone a midfielder. It’s also worth noting who he has to contend with - Sterling, De Bruyne, D Silva, B Silva, Mahrez, Sane etc. to be banging goals in at that rate without consistent and regular full game time is some going, especially by your own admission when they have nothing to play for. Greenwood was brought in to the conversation, funnily enough I had the same benchmark in my head. I’ve got both players in numerous Gameworlds but I’d rather have Foden than Greenwood any day of the week. Greenwood doesn’t have the same volume or calibre of competition and has also had a lot of substitute appearances.
  19. I think Foden at 86 is harsh. People seem to miss that he has over 70 separate appearances for the first team, Garcia at 84 has 22 appearances for reference sake.
  20. Another classic here... ’Christian PULISIC has a major concern regarding being out on loan, if this issue is not addressed immediately the player will take steps to leave the club.’ So I click on his profile, his ONLY concern is a level 1 for lack of games, no reference to being out on loan.
  21. At what point do contracts for players get redone? i ended last season with a few old codgers who’ve had ratings drops and they showed 1 season remaining. New season has started and they still say 1 season? the old duffers are on far too much money. I assume they’ll renew at wages to reflect their decreased ratings? If I click to offer new contracts it comes up saying that it’ll be negotiated by the chairman but the ‘headline’ wage is inline with their current inflated ones!?!
  22. There’s more chance of Oscar Pistorius catching athletes foot.
  23. Morale. if you were giving footballers a score for being moral they’d all score 0. Ryan Giggs would have a figure of -3 trillion for slipping one up his brothers wife for years on end...
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