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  1. Thanks for confirming that my reply was actually the correct one and your previous reply was incorrect, as I’d already pointed out... i wouldn’t want someone taking your earlier reply on face value as they could lose a player for cash only, whereas if they couldn’t be saved they can at least try to use them in a trade in the meantime.
  2. Contrary to the 2 posts above, it is NOT simply a case of making sure that they start every game from here on in. It will depend on what their rating is, what your squad is like and how much of the season has gone. For example, if it was Messi/Ronaldo and they haven’t played ANY league matches or cup matches that impact fitness (not the SMFA matches) and you’re 25 league games in to the season then you’re knackered - he’s off.
  3. Where can people see Pavard in 2 years time, assuming he gets a move?
  4. I’m thinking that Raheem Sterling will hit 93 by the end of the season!
  5. I think Zaha should get a 90. It’s his club side holding his rating down.
  6. I have them both but need to sell one of them. I’m leaning towards selling Diawara.
  7. Diawara or Kessie? What sort of future potential do you think each has?
  8. Blimey Rahul. On Tuesday you posted Coman would be a 91 on your ratings thread, a day later you say he'll stay the same at 90? Did he train that badly? LOL
  9. It strikes me that your 'opinion' is clouded by hatred of other clubs in the Premier League, although your spin will be that it's your "loyalty". I don't like Liverpool (or ManUre) but unless you're a blinkered bitter idiot who allows rivalry to warp your judgement, you cannot dispute the impact of Gerrard. He was a 97 at one stage if I remember correctly? You get a few that say the same about Lampard but they were both talismanic for their clubs. ANY club in the World would have wanted them.
  10. Simon Mignolet can do things with a ball that Messi can't... So can Sticky Vicky... So can Susan Sarandon in South Park the Movie...
  11. I'm glad I'm not the only one that looks at things in that way. Again going back to Secasiu making accusations, I signed Koke in October 16 when he was on stage 4 concerns in an exchange deal for Fabregas and Kondogbia. I thought it was overly generous from my side as otherwise he'd have gone for cash only and there's no way on Earth you'd sign those 2 players in that Gameworld with that amount of cash! Got Kane funnily enough in the same way in April 16, again stage 4, as a swap deal for Turan. The game is about manipulating situations to your benefit. Another little 'trick' I've started doing is insisting on the other team taking players on loan for the season as it slashes your wage bill so it's like getting extra cash. For example, loaning out an 89 rated player will slash £931k off your wage bill in a season, so 3 players is like £2,793,000 a season. Naturally you can apply that the other way around to act as a sweetener too, just be wary of those with an envious disposition who'll try to paint it as something else. Kind regards, Wayne.
  12. Spot the deliberate mistake? Some of those multi-player offers would have to go through over the space of 2 seperate seasons as you can only do 3 deals with the same team in each season. It then becomes a game of mitigating risk. If the other manager quits, you miss out, if the players rise you'll end up giving Kane and cash rather than just a 'swap', if whilst waiting for the second season to complete the deals, do you trust that manager enough to stick to his side of the bargain if someone else starts making offers? Then there is the risk that is shown a few pages previously - the green eyed monster of other managers either trying to get your transfers reversed or lambasting you on the news feed/forum for negotiating a deal that they wished they had achieved but as they didn't get that offer they'll brand you a cheat. Personally I'd stick with Kane. He's nailed on for an increase in rating, he should have got 94 in the review prior to Christmas. He's the best striker in the World currently so it's only a matter of time before he's a 95 rating.
  13. Hi Marek. I've just registered so that I could reply to this thread. Secasiu Calin-Mihai is nothing but a poor attempt at a bully. His profile states he is a 39 year old middle aged man but his general online persona is more like that of a petulant little girl that hasn't got her own way. I have also been subjected to his false, vexatious and malicious lies for over 2 and a half years. You ask how you will change his mind? You won't. You cannot get an ignorant person to apply logic. A classic example is the fact that he was permanently banned from the game for online abuse, yet he has carried on with it on here. That speaks volumes. I will stick my neck out here and predict the insults that you've received from him as he seems to only have a few that he likes to recycle; retard, idiot, cheat, fat? They tend to be a bit repetitive don't they? I've seen him do it to numerous people and it's always the same pattern - someone that's been in the Gameworld for less time than him, someone that's had more success than him, signing a player that was on his watch list. If anyone sides with you, they get attacked too. If you look at his profile, you'll see him trying to goad JMH with those sort of insults too, see the following; He started at me after I signed Lacazette who was 90 rated at the time. I gave a 91 rated goalkeeper, an 89 rated midfielder (just dropped from 90) and cash for him and that's when his abuse began. He even signed up to another Gameworld I was in to look through my other transfers and spread further lies back on the news feed, suggesting I'd signed Gareth Bale in an underhand deal. He obviously isn't very good at research as it shows the date and amount I signed him for and I'd signed him from an unmanaged club. Doh. What's ironic about the whole thing is that he signed a young 94 rated Aguero for 2 poor rated players and £10m. The 'selling' manager then quit 2 days later? Hmm... Also, in our Gameworld when Barcelona became unmanaged he was offered the role and was trying to negotiate who he'd give the team to on the basis that they sold him certain players. (Once the role is rejected he would then have the option to offer the team to friends!). You cannot reason with him, he's not interested in the reality of the situation, only the false reality that he's dreamt up. Anyway, at the end of the day he's lost and we've won. It goes to show that bullies don't win. He tried to hound us out of the game and ended up getting rid of himself - I think the phrase would be an 'own goal'. LOL All that time he'd put in to the game over the years wasted because of his bitterness, envy and inability to listen or interpret facts. As I mentioned above, many of the things he claims as facts are incorrect anyway. It's very unusual behaviour for a middle aged man. Oh, I'm pleased to report that since he was banned from the game (whilst his team were bottom of the league I might add!) I've signed Aguero!
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