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  1. Hi all, just took over a new aston villa and filled bought alot of 86 - 89 rising midfielders such as Eriksen, Kroos, Gotze etc. Now I need some defenders in the same rating bracket of 86 - 89. The only one Ive manged to get is Jordi Alba. Cant afford the likes of Hummels just yet. Can any body give me some suggestions for these defenders??? Cheers.
  2. Hi, I am the manager of liverpool side that has a brilliant attack and a brilliant midfield (Messi, Aguero, Pedro, Busquets, Ozil, Iniesta) But I have a really poor defence in comparison to the rest of the team (Mussachio, Corluka, Smalling, Rolando, Rafael). just about all defenders above 88 are taken which is why I have such a **** defence. Can anybody reccomend any risers between 80 - 87?????
  3. Hi, I am in a quite a competitive setup. Alot of the higher rated players are taken so I'm trying to think outside the box for lower rated players to buy who could potentially be good 90+ players in the future or just money makers. I've already managed to acquire some obvious one such as Boilesen, Draxler, Jones and Thiago Alcantara. Does anyone have any suggestions as to anymore?? Cheers.
  4. Hi there, I have a bit of a dilemma. I can either buy Higuain on his own from an unmanaged club, Or... I can get Kroos, Martinez, Cavani and Welbeck From external clubs with the same money. Which one should I do???
  5. Re: Musachio or Kjaer? I would go for Musacchio as he has the potential to be 92+. He's very young and playing for a very good Villareal side. Kjaer is also very good and very young with alot of potential and think he has just completed a move to Roma so you cant go wrong with any of them.
  6. Re: Musachio or Kjaer? I would go for mussachio, but its a close call.
  7. These two players are at external clubs and nobody is interested in them but I would have to sell my Jesus Navas to get them. I wouldn't be able to get Navas back either as its quite a competitive league. What would you do? Thanks
  8. Probably not the right section, apoligies. Can someone direct me to a recent 10k riser thread, as I've searched for them but aload of junk has come up that is about 2 years old. Cheers.
  9. Re: Robben Yer I have Xabi alonso as my DM so he is surplus tbh.
  10. Is Robben safe on 94? And shall I swap my De Rossi to get him?
  11. Re: 88-90+ By End Of Season and International Caps Question Schurrle and Musacchio are two who I think might break the 90 mark this season.
  12. How do you counter... A) 4 - 3 - 3 wingers (against a really good managed side) And 4 - 4 - 2 (against a really good managed side) Cheers for any help.
  13. I have Xavi and Aguero. As back up for Xavi I have Fabregas, De Rossi, Sahin, Muller and Ozil. As back up for Aguero I have Eto'o, Higuain and J. Hernandez. Im perfectly okay cover wise, but am I offering to much for Ronaldo? Thanks.
  14. Re: Setting Minimum Transfer Fees- POINTLESS I agree with JMH Daggers. Its really annoying. In a gameworld that Im in a manager has got Gerard Pique on the transfer list for 65 million but has got a minimum fee of 150 million on him. Firstly its impossible to pay, and secondly why has this manger got him transfered at 65 million when its impossible to even bid for him. The manager that im talking about is weird anyway but thats not the point.
  15. Should I swap Neymar for Javier Hernandez? I have Neymar. Im tempted because Hernandez has already made the breakthrough at Manchester United, but Neymar has so much potential. What would you guys do?
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