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  1. Still looking for new managers GWs all full except one or two teams. If you want to inherit a good squad, plenty of talent still available, squad caps around 30, balanced squads. DM me.
  2. One thing that’s hard for a new manager in leagues where most of the best players have been signed, is when you search for players ones on loan show up as they’re available. That wastes a lot of people’s time.
  3. Anyone looking for a competitive & balanced GW - DM me.
  4. Of course, which is why I’m not sure me suggesting they’re the best was so shocking given everything. I think they are.
  5. Do you not think the current CL, World Clup Champions & miles clear one PL have a valid claim to be? I do.
  6. So I got muted for merely offering my opinion that Gomez was a better SM but than Pavard. Buy it’s fine to get called names & say silly questions like the above... ok then! Haha Yes I watch Bayern regularly, he’s great. So is Gomez. But Gomez plays for the better team imo under the better coach.
  7. Gomez He’s a regular at the best club in Europe.
  8. Got a space in my GW. Very strong squad, world full apart from this one team. 35 squad cap so competitive. DM if you want to take over.
  9. Yeah but they’ve done France at a different time let’s hope they do the others when they finish too.
  10. The French League has finished though, so made more sense. Woildnt see the logic doing the other Big 4 now.
  11. Would hope they'd put off the Big Five reviews until they finish the seasons. Focus on Leagues like MLS etc that can be done in the mean time.
  12. I hope one of the updates in the game will include a shortlist cap. Managers shortlisting every player & letting others do the scouting for them. Should be an option to limit it to 10 or 20 players per manager or something.
  13. Still two available - DM if interested
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