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  1. I think Short Term / Medium Term - Ronaldo & Chiellini + Cash Long Term Mbappe. Even if Ronaldo starts dropping the amount of time it will take for Mbappe to match his rating is at least 2 years away, probably longer.
  2. The game is ageist & he should have risen last December, but didn't. He won't rise, but he should be 90 already. He's not terrible though, that's a silly comment. Fernandinho not rising in the summer when he was a regular & key player for City was another example of the game being ageist. Something that should change. Players should be rated on how good they are, not how old they are.
  3. Ashley Young from 89 to 90? Played in World Cup, regular for United. Or with SM be Ageist again?
  4. I keep seeing these charts but don't have a clue what they tell you other than how many minutes the players has played. What do the last three % columns mean? How safe? How safe to rise, drop? 57.9% means what?
  5. Any left or right backs due to rise from 88 or 89 in the next review? Thanks.
  6. Can anyone recommend any players under £500k who should rise a fair bit over the next few months?
  7. Does anyone else type in numbers into the search bar in the game & look at the ex players? 001 - Jens Lehmann 025 - Bergkamp Etc
  8. Why did SM get rid of the chat feature then? I used to use it a lot. Seemed unnecessary.
  9. Any reason why Van Drongelen didn't rise? He played a fair amount of minutes in the 2nd half of the season. Has the chat feature gone on the game?
  10. But if they were all young, they'd all probably rise. Milner has got the most CL assists ever in a single season. He should be nailed on to rise, but he probably won't due to age.
  11. Ashley Young is another one. Rated 88, but has been the regular LB for United all season. If that was Luke Shaw, he'd have rose in the last review, but because Young is 32, he didn't. If the players stop playing regularly, off to China or America - then drop their ratings. But the game should really be judging players on what they are actually doing.
  12. Players who should rise but might not due to age: Falcao - 91 to 92 Fernandinho - 92 to 93 Milner - 90 to 91 Monreal - 90 to 91 Aspas - 90 to 91 Vardy - 90 to 91 SM is ageist. I don't mind the game doing big drops to older players when they are clearly past their best. Zlatan for example, deserved his big drop, as did Xavi, as will Iniesta. But players who are performing to the same level as younger players, like Fernandinho is compared to Ter Stegen for example. Both regulars in title winning teams in the best two leagues in the world. Then they should get the same rating for their performances.
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