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  1. “Automatically” - Don’t say things I haven’t said thanks. I’m this game - no doubt He’s a regular for them. But yes I rate him high. Gomez is incredible. His stats are ridiculous alongside Van Dijk. His pace is huge for LFC too. Look how many clean sheets LFC have had since he became a regular. His pace ensures they can play higher up the field as a team. Therefore can press more effectively. Also his passing through the lines is brilliant (better than Van Dijks & priobably any other CB in the world). Soyuncu has had a very good season. He’s a top talent. But he’s still raw. Makes silly errors. Dives in too much, gets too tight... little things that he could iron out with age. But I think Gomez is the better player. No doubt!
  2. Better CB? I mean have you seen Gomez's record the last 2 years when he's started? He's been a regular through a lot of that too, unless injuries put a stop to that and Matip performed so well he had to bide his time. Yes I think you're biased or just wrong. Fair enough if you rate Soyuncu higher (I don't see how personally), that's a perfectly valid opinion, even if I disagree. But you to say you think he's the better SM buy - that is just crazy! Which one will win the league this year & could win the CL? I'll give you a hint... it's not Soyuncu! Haha Jesus Christ!
  3. It's not only the main thread, it's the only active one and you should be proud of it.
  4. Nothing wrong with your opinion. But I never expected anything different with EFC in your username. Chill.
  5. I’d much rather Dembele who is brilliant when fit & might get his chance with Suarez out when he’s fit again. Than someone like Dele Ali
  6. Any idea what league are due to be reviewed next couple of months? Holland, Portugal, Brazil?
  7. Let’s move on... as we won’t agree! 😆
  8. Yes your post was so peaceful calling me a fool! 😂 I’m at peace that VVD is the best CB ive ever seen play the game the last 30 years or so - yes! Have a good day!
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