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  1. Nah when to contact a company directly to improve a game & they don’t want to know - that’s poor! You listen.
  2. I tried to contact SM plenty of times to offer loads of suggestions - was ignored Imagine ignoring suggestions to help improve a game Not overly impressed with the suggestions either. The biggest change that’s needed if giving the GW owners the power to deal with cheating, kick out players for being racist, cheating etc - otherwise there’s no point in any other changes.
  3. Looking for new managers for my Two Worlds. Both Worlds the squads were drafted, so balanced teams through out. Leagues are 3/4s full & competitive Squad caps to ensure plenty of talent left on the market DM if interested.
  4. Anyone looking for a league to join. Competitive, balanced squads, squad cap to ensure plenty of talent still in the GW. You'll inherit a good team. Let me know, only a few teams left to fill the GW.
  5. If anyone is looking for a competitive league to join, DM me. Nearly fully - only a couple of teams spare.
  6. It think he deserves a rise as not all players should be judged on goals & assists. Xavi, Zidane, Modric types all deserved high ratings because they were key players in winning teams, not getting loads of goals & assists - I'd argue Firmino is too. Edit - Why are my posts hidden again? Haha I'm giving a reasonable opinion.
  7. He's not a striker. He's a number 10 who plays as a false 9. That's why if you look at the average positions during a game, Salah and Mane are mostly seen central as strikers and Firmino is deeper as a 10. He makes the system work, he allows Salah and Mane to be the goalscorers and he chips in at times. I doubt Klopp would swap him for many players to do his role for the team.
  8. But a regular in the team getting 17 wins & 1 draw their this season. Someone like Firmino shouldn’t be judged on goals. It’s Salah & Mane who are the main goal scorers in that team. Firmino compliments them & allows them to flourish with his unselfish play, his movement, link up, skill & makes the system work. Judging someone like him on goals is wrong, it’s not his primary function in the team.
  9. Where do people find new managers for their GWs?
  10. I’ve got two GWs, both all the teams were drafted with balanced squads. The GWs have squad caps which means lots of talent still on the market. Both GWs are only missing one or two managers. Very balanced & competitive GWs. DM me if interested in joining one or both. Two spaces left in one GW, one in the other. Thanks
  11. Still looking for new managers GWs all full except one or two teams. If you want to inherit a good squad, plenty of talent still available, squad caps around 30, balanced squads. DM me.
  12. One thing that’s hard for a new manager in leagues where most of the best players have been signed, is when you search for players ones on loan show up as they’re available. That wastes a lot of people’s time.
  13. Anyone looking for a competitive & balanced GW - DM me.
  14. Of course, which is why I’m not sure me suggesting they’re the best was so shocking given everything. I think they are.
  15. Do you not think the current CL, World Clup Champions & miles clear one PL have a valid claim to be? I do.
  16. So I got muted for merely offering my opinion that Gomez was a better SM but than Pavard. Buy it’s fine to get called names & say silly questions like the above... ok then! Haha Yes I watch Bayern regularly, he’s great. So is Gomez. But Gomez plays for the better team imo under the better coach.
  17. Gomez He’s a regular at the best club in Europe.
  18. Got a space in my GW. Very strong squad, world full apart from this one team. 35 squad cap so competitive. DM if you want to take over.
  19. Yeah but they’ve done France at a different time let’s hope they do the others when they finish too.
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