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  1. Shinchi Kagawa

    Game World

    Thnxx for your help
  2. Shinchi Kagawa

    Game World

    Most of the time I play in website can I update from the website or just with the app?
  3. Shinchi Kagawa

    Game World

    Why in some game worlds players haven't names but just for example Player18362? Will this problem be corrected?
  4. Shinchi Kagawa

    No goals No points No fun

    I Don't know with which tactics you play but I thing you need to changes that and play more aggresive and attaking tactics for each games.
  5. World Championship 47000 with Game World ID: 368997 is now in early season 2 with just 12 managers and they are 68 good teams from around world which need for good managers to manage this teams and can be a realy game war of football.
  6. Shinchi Kagawa

    Worldwide Risers

    What do you think about French player Francis Coquelin and brazil defender player Rodrigo Caio?
  7. Shinchi Kagawa

    Players Contract

    Hi everybody, Can i lose players with 1 year contract in the end of season? What happen if I don't continue the contract? Can I lose they in free agents or to other clubs? Thnxx for help.