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  1. Most of the time I play in website can I update from the website or just with the app?
  2. Why in some game worlds players haven't names but just for example Player18362? Will this problem be corrected?
  3. I Don't know with which tactics you play but I thing you need to changes that and play more aggresive and attaking tactics for each games.
  4. World Championship 47000 with Game World ID: 368997 is now in early season 2 with just 12 managers and they are 68 good teams from around world which need for good managers to manage this teams and can be a realy game war of football.
  5. What do you think about French player Francis Coquelin and brazil defender player Rodrigo Caio?
  6. Hi everybody, Can i lose players with 1 year contract in the end of season? What happen if I don't continue the contract? Can I lose they in free agents or to other clubs? Thnxx for help.
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