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  1. Re: Kevin's Big 4 Changes! Pepe Reina has to decrease. I think down to a 92. Lately his form has been poor. and he seems to crumble on the big occasion, notebly against Man Utd and arsenal. he probably cost liverpool 3 goals. he seems very eratic to me. rushing out over goal when a ball is played throuhg, but stuck on his line when crosses are coming in.
  2. Re: French Rating Change- Week 7 / 12 Yes definately swap Lucarelli for Niang
  3. OK, i dont come on this forum very often, but i have been required to come on here as some (one at the moment) of the ratings are a disgrace. How Fabio Cannavaro deserves a 96, equal best defender on the game, is beyond me. I know that he was captain when Italy won the world cup, and he looked a half decent player, he also looked a good player when playing in Italy. In my opinion this is all because the game is so defensive in both of these cases, and each team usually played with 2 holding defensive midfield players, he has been made out to look better than he really is. Anyone who regular
  4. Re: Worlds greatest striker When you look at Henry at what he has done the past 2/3 years, there is no reason why Van Nistelrooy shouldnt be 97/98
  5. Re: Gio Dos Santos There is a never ending list of the next ronaldinho's: Dos Santos Anderson Robinho Pato Lulinho im sure theres more who have been labelled that aswell.
  6. Re: Worlds greatest striker totally agree mate, in my eyes he should be 98...just look at his goalscoring record. did wonders for PSV, scored 62 goals in 67 games went to Utd and scored 150 goals in 219 games althogether, despite probably 25 odd of those appearances came from the bench, wen he had that fall out with fergie. then at madrid, finshed top scorer in his first season. Champions league record is absolutely unbelievable, 52 goals in 66 games, is untrue. then nationally, a goal every other game average, is brilliant at an international stage. all in a day and age where not as ma
  7. Re: Gio Dos Santos oh yeah course, hes undoubtedly got class. im just saying dont expect him to become the next messi, or rooney, because my opinion is that he wont ever get to their level still a good player though, about an 87, just on par with Justin Hoyte:D
  8. Re: Gio Dos Santos i did not say he was better than them i said he was worse, also in the Barce game last night, Krkic started ahead of him. and he is a year or so younger. i dont believe he will become anywhere near the standard of what rooney is. hes more like the next Jared Borgetti:D
  9. Re: Gio Dos Santos im saying he is over-rated because from what i have seen of him he looks nothing special. if there was no hype over him and i just watched him, i wouldnt say he was worth 20million and is going to be on of the greatest players ever. the only contribution he has made is when he dived to win a penalty in the last match. and when Henry has scored twice off his rebounded shots which he should have scored from both times.
  10. Re: Samuel Eto'o no way mate, sorry, this is a terrible deal for you, eto'o is 96 which is the third best rating on the game and hes been injured the majority of the last 2 seasons, that tells you somethin. if he was fit playing regular hed be at least 97. Toni on the other hand is a one season wonder, and his 94 rating is mainly based on that 1 magnificent season he had with fiorentina, so i imagine he'll be only heading one way on the rating list. DOWN. also etoo, as the other bloke said, is 4 odd years younger, stick with eto'o mate
  11. Re: Gio Dos Santos ive been watchin this lad for a while now and he is vastly over-rated. yer he has a lot of talent and is a great prospect for the future. but he is 18 now i think, and he is not the same level as, rooney or ronaldo or fabregas when they were 18/19, i think a rating of 84 maybe 85 will be fair for him, until he starts to prove himself on the big stage consistantly
  12. I'm playing with Inter in WC 90. I'm desperate to buy Scott Carson, but his team - PAS - have only 7 players, is there a way in which i can still buy him, ??? i think the minimum amount of players allowed is 18, what is the maximum, or is there a maximum at all.??????
  13. Re: English players Just look at my Inter Milan team, World Championship 90, u'll get all the tips you need from looking at my squad.
  14. id like to see you do that luke, in hockey sized goals from 30 yards
  15. is this not the best goal u have ever seen, ????
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