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  1. Another argument for the oblak/ter stegen rises
  2. Allison would be a good investment. Loads of madrid rumours. I know he will only go 91 but he has lots of potential. Leno also linked to arsenal maybe a good back up
  3. I believe he should. Looks very mature and has all the honours you could want at that age. But will league performance not stop it?
  4. Agree with this also. He has been in great form but i feel that they wont rise him just to drop him next review if out of form
  5. Another factor could be the other 92 rated cbs. Assuming umtiti gets 92 they are maybe just stating that otamendi isnt as good as the likes of umtiti, varane and marquinhos?
  6. I actually disagree. His stats are impressive (passing especially) but i always think that he is a liability of a cb and commits to needless challenges. Maybe he didnt go up as he maybe replaced shortly. Just an opinion before i get slated. Also walker and edison both got rating increases.
  7. I agree he has carried them at times but you could make similar arguments for other teams who have not won much either. I can bare him getting 95 because he is superb but i just dont want oblak over looked for not being as glamorous
  8. De gea got 95 (he is great and i wont argue that) with united not really performing great. Surely oblak has 94 in the bag? Would seem stupid to have them two ratings a part without de gea winning some serious trophies.
  9. Muller dropped from 95 when he was marginalised under ancelloti because he didnt appreciate his stlye and preffered thiago. I thought it was very harsh considering how hazard kept his 95 but flair players always get higher ratings because they are nicer to watch (same with this fascination with ball playing center halfs)
  10. I would like to see kroos, ramos and modric at 96 but doubt any of them will because of how madrid performed in the league. I think casemiro and carvajal will both have good chances. Can anyone explain to me why varane doesn't deserve 93? Everytime i see him play he shows high quality mature football but i dont watch him weekly.
  11. Hopefully oblak gets this 94. Would be a shame if de gea gets 95 and oblak doesn't increase. Not saying de gea doesnt deserve it as he has been amazing.
  12. For more than one season i would say sane, sterling then di maria. Sane by far the best
  13. More than fair. The guy is keeping the converstaion going and in an organised way that takes effort, surely his frustration to a lack off effort is understandable. I do have a question none rating related if you wouldn't mind. Do you have any clue about multiple concerns? Im my gameworld a player has level 3 concerns in being loaned and not playing, does he have to reach 5 in one of those to be transferred? This seems odd as the loan concerns will dissapear as he is back and this could take an age.
  14. Has casemiro played enough cb to get a positional change aswell as a jump to 93 or is there a chance of varane 93. I assume it is based on their performance in the champions league but haven't watched enough la liga to say.
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