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  1. Just made a new setup with 10 teams in 1 division. Basically the idea is to create a world cup team. To accomplish this though I placed some of the more endowed clubs to choose from. This ensures that all clubs have adequate funding and also creates good player trades. Obviously all foreign players have to be sold/traded to create your squad. So check it out and send a message that you'll follow the idea. Have fun... England - Chelsea - taken Argentina - Liverpool - taken Italy - Juve Spain - Barca Netherlands - Real Madrid Mexico - Chivas France - Arsenal Portugal - Man U Germany - B
  2. Re: Frederic Kanoute + 9.3M for Dos Santos Giovani and questions... is there anyway to pick up another player or more money? kanoute gets decent numbers for me when i play him, but like you said not much potential. Dos Santos is doing nothing and will probably take a couple seasons before he starts going back on the rise... bottom line in my opinion: if you don't need kanoute or dos santos, ask for more cash and find the players you want and can use.
  3. Re: Stop Mass Private Message Mailouts well the thing is people should advertise player buys and such on the newspaper, so those that want to read the bits can. it's just a little frustrating is all i'm meaning.
  4. Stop Mass Private Message Mailouts Ok seriously... Do i care that you have two 86 rated players that you want to get rid of? That's what the setup's newspaper is supposed to be for right? It's pretty frustrating to log on and think that I have a real message waiting for me only to find that it is what i refer to as junk mail. I certainly understand the validity of the mass mailouts as i've used them in my custom setups. just saying this needs to be looked at a little. anyone???
  5. Re: International and Olympic Setup i haven't really thought about it, but we certainly could if enough people are interested in one.
  6. Re: International and Olympic Setup ok guys. i'm going to give away the open teams now because i want a full setup. not sure why some of you didn't join, but best of luck in whatever setups you are in. perhaps we'll run across each other in a different league.
  7. Re: David BENTLEY for £2,000,000 plus Pérez BOJAN KRKIC it's difficult because both are young players with big potentials... it would depend on whether you want a midfielder or a forward on your squad. you need to determine what are your squad strengths, weaknesses, and all that. I think it's certainly a fair trade, but you have to decide if it's right for you.
  8. Re: International and Olympic Setup good question... the setup's first match is on the 11th. in keeping with the spirit of the setup you shouldn't play any foreign players, and should try to sell the foreign ones ASAP.
  9. Re: International and Olympic Setup clubs that are unavailable to manage (inter, liverpool, arsenal, etc.) will usually bid for players.
  10. Re: International and Olympic Setup sent you a friend request. j-rock
  11. Re: International and Olympic Setup 1 Custom International and Olympic League Creating Game World...Ready at: 16:30(GT). Please note only 3 Game Worlds are created at this time. If your Game World is not created at this time it will be created at the next available time. _______________________ THE LEAGUE HAS BEEN CREATED. I need SM names or go ahead and send friend request to my J Rock profile. http://www.soccermanager.com/profile.php?cid=431302 Setup is invitation only as to avoid countless requests. Get me your friend request ASAP.
  12. Re: International and Olympic Setup ok guys... i plan to create the league within the next two days. I need SM names or go ahead and send friend request to my J Rock profile. http://www.soccermanager.com/profile.php?cid=431302
  13. Re: International and Olympic Setup Hey Guys does this look a bit better? New Division Proposal: Div 1 - Full International Real Madrid - Spain - Jared18134 Chelsea - England - Charlie Milan - Italy - seftinho Feyenoord - Netherlands America - Mexico Marseille - France - Philippe Nguyen Bayern - Germany - sinbadrfc Sao Paulo - Brazil - Terry Mashino River Plate - Argentina - Fardeen CSKA - Russia Celtic - Scotland Panathinaikos - Greece FC Porto - Portugal Fenerbache - Turkey - nightshroud Div 2 - Olympic Tourny Barca - Spain - Russell ManU - England - darshan j
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