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  1. Ousmane Dembele continuing to embarrass SM chiefs.. Should have been 91 now and 92 in summer. Going to the very top
  2. It’s embarrassing that SM have been caught up in the hype.
  3. They’ve gone a bit overboard with the Liverpool ratings. Van Dijk 92 would have been satisfactory plus not sure what Salah got the 95 for. The defender rising from 91-93 but SM don’t rise likes of Alba, Kimmich, Koulibaly etc for long periods of time. Kimmich is one of Bayern’s best players. Just goes to prove that Soccer Manager believes the English Premiership to be the best in the world.
  4. It’s very frustrating. I was expecting Premier League to be complete by last weekend.
  5. If we compare every situation to Lingard then you can make the case for every player to get a rise. For what it’s worth Lingard probably outperformed Dele and Sterling at the World Cup.
  6. Can see your point, but for me 92 is fine. Sterling wasn’t anything special at the World Cup to justify a rating increase within the last few months. The likes of Son at Spurs has similar stats. If we basing ratings entirely on stats then we have a serious issue.
  7. Too soon for Sane and Sterling. End of season yes. Bernardo Silva should get 92 in the morning I would imagine.
  8. Has a lot of good attributes. Hard to see him ever getting past 90 at best. A lot of better defenders out there!
  9. Probably will be 88 but bloody hell should really be 89. Reviewed once a year if lucky Yerry Mina will be back in Brazil at this rate. Poor for Everton this season
  10. Man Utd sinking, Young maybe keeping rating for participation with England in the summer. Ozil will definitely be tomorrow. Lingard did well enough for England in summer but not a 91 in my eyes, obviously very controversial decision. Hopefully Chelsea get similar treatment with likes of Morata who has been woeful for a while now.
  11. New low for Soccer Manager Jesse Lingard plus 1 - 91 Ousmane Dembele prince of Barcelona STAY Soccer Manager obviously owns one of Gareth Southgates waistcoats.
  12. Easy. One of them is playing in Liverpool and very good chance of rising and also a lot younger so valued higher by SM
  13. Chelsea How long can Morata pretend he is a 92 rated player? Moses -1 Fabregas -1 Cahill -1 All possible
  14. Must be several MANCHESTER United and Arsenal players set to drop. Man Utd Sanchez -1 Valencia -1 Matic -1 50/50 Mata, Young, Jones, Herrera and Rojo -1? Arsenal Cech Ozil Lichsteiner and Koscielny all -1?
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