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  1. If this was Ousmane Dembele or Kylian Mbappe rated 88 I could see the point as guaranteed to go to the top. Nothing yet from Jovic. Although it’s a spectacular run of form. Only rumours of a move to Bayern and who says he would be a success after not cutting the mustard at Benfica.
  2. Are you still trying to argue this? Jovic could be a flash in the pan and GJ has done the business at a higher level since you were so quick to go on about Icardi only scoring 4 in the Champions League. Just completely contradicting yourself. You will be the sort of guy that will be calling Bundesliga a farmers league in a few months just to try and win an argument so you don’t have to accept your wrong.
  3. Well said. People seem to have short memories. Every striker goes through dry spells
  4. Bloody hell 🤣🤣🤣 Jovic been good for about half a season GJ is only 21 but he’s a flash in the pan. couldnt make this up 😂😂
  5. Icardi didn’t even play in the same group as Dortmund. 4 goals in 6 games in the group of death is decent. Not sure what your trying to prove because Guerreiro scored two goals against relegation threatened teenagers Monaco. Lol
  6. I would sell either Brahmimi or Luna if it was me. The others all playing well this season and have good potential
  7. He’s played 6 games in a very tough group. Spurs, Barcelona and PSV. same number as Harry Kane got in the same group. Raphael Guerreiro has 4 does that make him better than Mbappe then? 😂
  8. Immobile has peaked at Lazio. Icardi has been deadly in Champions League this year. 4 goals in group stages Agree, still surprised Zielinski got 91though. Hysaj should have got 91 last time around though Ridiculous statement. 91 is fine for Laporte Easy De Ligt
  9. I would imagine it will be. All deserved plus Romagnoli. Probably 16m at best.
  10. Would expect Milik to rise tomorrow, too low for a Napoli attacker should get plus 1. Allan, Suso, Romagnoli all option for tomorrow hopefully
  11. Some fantastic rises this morning.. Icardi and Koulibaly both deserved. Thought Romagnoli would be 91 especially with a Manolas 92. Very strange. Zielinski 91 maybe slightly generous. Class player all the same and would have got to this rating sooner rather than later I think.
  12. Yes Looking like it. Not sure how although has had several injuries hampering him
  13. Kluivert initially went to 12m then dropped. Not the same potential as any of the others you’ve mentioned so wouldn’t have thought so.
  14. Haha Sulenwill get end of season. Hard to give him and Kimmich raises when Bayern in a bad moment. Although don’t think Manolas would have been expected by many either. Hopefully they upgrade others in line with this.
  15. Manolas 92 rating surely setting the best defender in Italy Mr Koulibaly up for a 93 now. Incredible if doesn’t. Romagnoli should be 91 if that’s the case as well
  16. Koulibaly for me. Should get 93 sooner rather than later. Huge player for Napoli. Hopefully this week haha SM aren’t always as keen with centre halves though!
  17. Sarabia having a great season so far. Don’t think anyone had a 91 at Sevilla since Sergio Rico and N Zonzi though not sure if SM will give it though. Sevilla up near top of the table as well
  18. Sarabia having a great season so far. Don’t think anyone had a 91 at Sevilla since Sergio Rico and N Zonzi though not sure if SM will give it though. Sevilla up near top of the table as well
  19. Pulisic is over hyped (American) Chiesa is actually quite a good player, will be regular for Italy for years to come now.
  20. Your constantly coming out with big statements then refuse to accept it when your wrong complaining that SM is wrong. Of course everyone can have differing opinions but another case of humble pie for you.. ’his stats aren’t that good’ not his fault Simeone couldn’t convert the chances to satisfy your demand for a certain amount of assists to achieve a plus 1. 90 is fine for now. No one is saying he’s a future 93 just yet. Great prospect and wouldn’t be surprised to see him move on in the summer.
  21. Your one of the biggest jokes on here. Basing your opinion on his stats because of his assists etc. I said last week he would get 90 Chiesa is the one of the biggest young stars in Serie A. Pretty sure he will get plus 1 if he continues before a big move in the summer. Easy. Koulibaly. Should get 93 really. Boateng is done.
  22. End of season for me if keeps up form. Only players getting 92-93 in winter will be Mbappe etc after World Cup
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