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  1. Think he has about one goal in all this time against a team in the top 4 in France. No joke. And what?? 😂
  2. I’m sorry but 91 for Thauvin is more than enough.No way 92 level does it against the lower teams in. Ligue 1. Still do do anything of note for France or take a stranglehold of a big game on a regular bases.
  3. This is hilarious. Kimpembe was dreadful again last night
  4. Best young striker on the go bar Mbappe right now. Be surprised if he doesn’t replace a Diego Costa at Atletico
  5. Calm down. Liverpool hype. Obviously a quality player though. 93 is absurd just now though
  6. Not sure how Sofiane Diop only gets a 76. Played more than likes of Mboula and Sylla yet they are now rated 80 😩😩😩
  7. Usually plus 2 will go from around 2.8 to 6m (85-87)
  8. Terrible offer. None of those will get close to Gundogan Depending on age but would imagine around 6m Mark is possible
  9. Four teams left to review in league two. Wonder what league will be next if it isn’t France. Think France was reviewed far too early last year. Usually the first or second week of December Still only week 14 games wise another not even half way through.
  10. Assuming one possibly two more days of league two. Interesting to see what league is next. Hopefully France.
  11. Not sure why Suso stats for Liverpool are relevant and n all this considering that was years ago. Suso been in great form and now a regular in the Spain squads. Probably deserves a plus 1. Moura never quite lived up to the hype at PSG hence his exit. A lot of talent but apart from the goals against Man Utd hasn’t done anything of note worthy of a plus 1 for Spurs.
  12. Chiesa will reach 90 possibly next month. None of the others at his level
  13. If you have watched Lucas moura play this season you will realise he has zero percent chance of 92. Not 30/70 chance or 50/50. Had a bright start and been exciting in very short spells but largely hot and cold.
  14. Tolisso wasn’t even capped by France when he got the plus 2 88-90 in winter. Set the standard with that rise in my opinion. 89 not enough as should have had 89 last time around when Lo Celso got it despite being average for PSG. I think he will. Looking forward to finding out haha
  15. Got a feeling Ndombele with get the Tolisso plus 2 treatment this winter. Fully fledged French international now and making a claim for regular start and deserves the 90.
  16. Yes better players out there who can rise over the next month.
  17. Pretty sure him and De Ligt will get 88 No rise just yet
  18. Moura zero chance suso possibly. More likely end of season though
  19. I’d say there’s no reason why he can’t get 88-89 in winter review. This is Bayern we are talking about. He’s done well
  20. At very worst. Would say at least 86 after the Spain call up and being so integral for Celta this season. Fran Beltran will probably get the same as well his midfield partner
  21. Mbappe 94 isn’t out of question after the World Cup won.
  22. Kimpembe nowhere near the level people here are putting him on. Very error prone this season and been very sloppy. Yes plays for PSG as well but can’t see him going past 90 for a while yet. Bang average last night against Holland as well. Long way before he can get up near 91 for example Skriniars level.
  23. Either of the middle two. Allan and Jorginho both destined for 92 by end of the season
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