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  1. Either of the middle two. Allan and Jorginho both destined for 92 by end of the season
  2. Hummels has dropped off massively. Horrific World Cup also. Godin has also made several uncharacteristic mistakes to date this season and looked a liability in some games.
  3. I never once mentioned age only performance. No ageism here.
  4. Bonucci isn’t a 94 in my books. Chiellini is the best defender at Juve then there’s a drop off. Godin possibly age catching up with him slightly but still a great defender. Hummels keeps getting exposed time after time these days. I’m not naive enough to think for one minute that SM will have a bit of bottle and make a few big calls. Koulibaly arguably Napoli’s best player
  5. Time for SM to be ruthless Pique 94 -93 Bonucci 94-93 Godin 94 -93 Hummels 94-93 Boateng 94-93 Think SM need to accept these players are no longer operating at these levels. Several players need to be upgraded this season at some point defenders wise Koulibaly 92-93 Skriniar Virgil VD 91-92 Kimmich Thwres a new breed of defenders which should be rated higher especially Koulibaly who is probably best in Serie A atm and has been for a while now. Kimmich and Skriniar at least by end of the season.
  6. Still early days yet for Artur. Had some quality performances I.e Spurs but probably get 89 at Xmas. De Ligt maybe 88 next rise then may have to wait another year for Holland to be updated unless he goes to another team. Jorginho will definitely be 92 by end of the season then who knows what after if Chelsea can become a force. Personally feel he is quality player and intergral to his team. Jorginho for me atm
  7. That guy is clueless! Enjoyed that post 😂👏
  8. Has to be Dembele. Hasn’t started as much as he may have liked in recent weeks but easily the biggest talent on this list. Potential world beater. Moura had a few good games for Spurs but can’t see him getting 92 anytime soon. Dembele still low rated bt SM given the talent but wouldn’t be surprised to see him get 91 on par with some of the other talents even though he hasn’t started as many.
  9. Does this spreadsheet just tell you if you think they will rise or the actual rating you think they will go up and down?
  10. Reviewed in April so doubt they will be getting done again this calender year.
  11. Besiktas been reviewed recently if I’m not mistaken so he should be safe for now as well
  12. Besiktas been reviewed recently if I’m not mistaken so he should be safe for now as well
  13. Maybe if you had explained that in the first place haha Is there any other alternatives? Personally would go for Hector. He should hold for now. Ogbonna never really settled at West Ham and nailed down a regular spot.
  14. Both stay. Maybe zielinski by end of season Both stay for now imo Jones definitely stay anyway Moreno the better player although neither likely to be long term investments. I would try and get Hermoso from Espanyol should get plus 2 (spain call up also) and will be around same price as above
  15. Mustaft was dropped from Germany because of his poor form for Arsenal. I am sure Yogi Low nearly changes his mind when he checked his who scored rating though 😂 yes he was part of Germany squad to win the World Cup over 4 years ago but he was at Valencia then.
  16. People take whoscored far too literally. It’s not the bible bar the stats. Mustafi was terrible last season.
  17. No Tough call. Both speed demons with high potential. SR definitely a weak link for Barca so Semedo does have a good chance of cementing that position. Long term I would say Cancelo He can’t defend haha which could be said for others higher rated also. Can’t finish 7th and expect to keep your rating as a 91 after a poor season
  18. Some very tasty international call ups yesterday Spain Mario Hermoso 86 best defender in La Liga so far this season Brais Mendez 82 been on fire for Celta this season Italy Sandro Tonali 82 still playing in Serie B but very highly regarded and be linked with Napoli etc.
  19. At least plus 1 possible plus 2 as been Lilles best player and doing well in the league. Your comment doesn’t even make sense Just called up for Italy squad from Serie B Marco Verratti style
  20. Both should get plus 1 despite Udinese performing poorly in the league. De Paul on fringes of Argentina squad but I would go for Kamano as his value should be higher if both get plus 1 given he is a few years younger. Long term I would say there are better options for similar price such as Nicholas Pepe. Depends if you are buying to play in your team or as a money maker.
  21. Top 5 usually starts end of November beginning of December. Ligue 1 has been the first league reviewed the past few years
  22. Argentina is possible? I would imagine they may continue with the South American theme
  23. Come on man.. Season 24 with Rich economy and your playing against three other managers.. And your bragging about having all those on loan. Never understand these guys that won’t challenge themselves in a competitive gameworld 🙄
  24. Your bragging about a huge squad value etc but only playing against three other human managers. Like I said before surely a decent manager wouldn’t need a spreadsheet to tell you Cutrone and Maxi Gomez are going to rise.
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