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  1. Are you expecting decent price rises for Pedrinho and Soteldo? What are you predicting?
  2. Surely Arthur at least +1? Maybe +2.
  3. Well that was obvious... someone less obvious is Angelino who City just bought back, wonder if he'll get a small bump?
  4. He's hyped because he's one of the best defenders in the world, he's deserving of 94. It's good to see that he doesn't have to be at a better team to get it, not his fault Napoli don't win things.
  5. What would you say Vinicius will get?
  6. Joao Felix is surely gonna get a rise after his move to Atletico becomes official, they can't have an £112.9m replacement for Greizmann on 85 & priced only £10m! When exactly it happens, who knows.
  7. Wonder kid Sepp van den Berg is looking a bargain at £1m, get him signed if he's still available. Ginger van Dijk.
  8. “If I have to make a tackle then I have already made a mistake.” - Paolo Maldini... VvD is very much from the same school of defending as him! He's hardly played since the last review & when he did he had a nightmare for England, 91 is right for him. Koulibaly & Kean easily, I wouldn't even offer Koulibaly for De Ligt, he's one of the best CBs in the world. Kean has lots of promise, keep him.
  9. Stats don't tell the whole story man, but yeah let's look at Vidic's stats...
  10. I disagree, I think it helps him keep it, he'll be the main CB for Dortmund. He woulda had lots of competition at Bayern & his reputation woulda continued to fade (even though he's been playing pretty well of late). & they're a top team with some exciting new signings so he can challenge for honours (as a bigger factor in their success) which would also help. I think he fits well with pacy defenders like Akanji. It does affect other Dortmund CBs though like you say.
  11. When do they update pics? it's quite annoying having players like Kounde & AWB with nothing.
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